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 Axel in CGI
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Real o not?
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It started when Riku and Sora were playing around in Destiny Island. They both swam around the ocean until Sora sighted a bottle from King Mickey. They read it and it said, "Come to Radiant Garden. Gummi ship will arrive tomorrow." Sora and Riku ran to their house to pack up. At Riku's house, Riku started to pack both boxers and briefs. Riku recently just switched to boxers so he doesn't have as much pairs of boxers as briefs. At Sora's house, he noticed that he has only carton briefs and tighty whiteys, so he assumed he might be dead, but he pack them all, anyway. The successivo giorno was approaching,...
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*Current Time*

Taken off guard da the sudden attack, Axel, and Roxas struggled to get their footing. Axel was being forced to the ground da Riku, while Sora thrust Roxas into the air. Sora quickly finished off Roxas who was still in midair as he grabbed the front of his waistband pulled down so his feet would go straight through Sora’s legs. As Roxas slid through Sora’s legs the waistband of his Kingdom Hearts Two briefs, (Had this on it back and front Pic ) shot up into his balls causing him to scream. With all the force behind it the underwear ripped clean off, and left Roxas to recover....
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Later that giorno

Sora was sitting alone thinking “Man I can’t believe I let nube, nuvola get the drop on me like that. successivo time I’ll mostra him. Maybe I should…” That’s as far as he got till someone punched him in the head knocking him unconscious. When he awoke he found that he was tied to a chair with Roxas and Axel standing over him. “Hey what’s the big idea!” He screamed as he fought against not only the ropes, but a massive headache. “Payback.” Roxas detto as he grabbed the front of Sora’s pants, and underwear and dropped a scoop of ice in. He then did the same in the back....
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AWw! Amore it!
kingdom hearts 2
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I know how te feel. You’re standing in front of an army of Heartless, but te
don’t wanna randomly smash the X button again to get through them. Well, here
are some fun tactics for te to kill 'em in style.

Get ém one-on-one.
Here’s what to do. Go to the Customize window in the Pause menu. Set both your
party members’ battle style on ‘Party Attack’ so that they focus their attacks on
other targets than Sora’s current target. sposta away a little from the crowd, and
let some Heartless/Nobodies approach you. te can, if te wish(I honestly
would), change the camera position a little...
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