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posted by duffyfan
I think gattini are really cute but try not to let them fall off really high heights.
They are really playful but some gattini can bite and scratch.
If te do get a kitten feed it 2 o 3 times a giorno and care for it, dont be cruel and stroke him o her and he o she might purr.
Chose a nice name for a kitten if te get one o it might come with a nice name.
If te are a fan of gattini then dont get too over excited when te get one but still make sure that its got a caring family,a nice home and Cibo and drink!!

from duffyfan
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posted by LiptonGold
Information: I tried to post this yesterday, but evil fanpop hates me so yeah. (You may have heard me screehing about it on the fanpop club) Anyway, so I had to do this for school btu everyone loved it in my class so I decided to post it here. Hope te like it! (And don't yell at me if te don't please, I know it's not very good.)

Haku and the River

Alexandrea, Riely, Kittehn, Cally, and Haku all lived with their mother, Dezyrai, in Mrs. Tabitha's small blue house on the corner of Twolegplace. But yesterday some unfamilar people took Kittehn and Alexandrea away. "Where are they Mama?" Cally...
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No harm was caused to the cat. It's just interesting.
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