My owner had abused me, and broke my bones, please help.
Did te know that over 100 animali in the world have been abused. Animal shelters, and animal poliece, even people like te and me, have decided to take action, and save them. Many, have broken bones, Lost sight in eyes, Lost legs, even died from being abused. I think, that now is the time to take action, and save these poor creatures. te know, that when te enter an animal adoption center, te want a kitten, but some word of advice. Yes, gattini are cute, but every time a person buys a cat from an adoption center, they walk out with a kitten. Do te know how te would feel, if te were that cat, watching, as every person te see, looks at you, and walks out with a pet, that is a kitten, and they spit in your direction? te would feel depression. te might even want to die. Now, I'm not saying, don't buy the kittens! I'm saying, when te see a animal, that needs you, despretly, take action, find a way to help. Everybody has a soal, even animals, and mabbee, when te leave that store, with a cat o a kitten, te know that te are saving another animal in need of your love. And they will return it. They will be your friend, comfort you, play with you, and most importanly, Amore you. Don't judge da apperence, judge, da what feels rite, and whats in your heart.
"Can te imagine my old owner? How they really cared?"
"My owner abused me, so I had to get stitches."
"My mother had me, and her owners putt me on the road, they didn't want me. I need a home."
"You can help, take action, and save my generations home."