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mattypLAKERS detto …
I have been crying a lot lately, knowing that this is the last anno I will ever get to watch my boy K-B on a nightly/weekly basis. I will just have to watch Youtube clips to help me get to sleep at night. Can I post my K-B tatoos on here? postato più di un anno fa
kobe9research detto …
I'm doing market research on the Kobe 9's. Anyone here 18-25 yrs old and wears Kobe 9's to play basketball? If so, respond to this message, and I can get te started on a video survey that will pay out $50. My company is Mindswarms. Check it out to confermare it's legit. postato più di un anno fa
Nacole1 detto …
Kobe, I bought my dad tickets for Natale to see te play in Philadelphia on Feb 7. Is there any chance he could meet you? He is one of your biggest fans. He is also getting older and he would be so thankful. postato più di un anno fa