tigre, tigress is out side and see's something
Ki:Who are you
Tigress:who are you
Tigress:i'm master tigre, tigress but call me tigress.
then tigre, tigress walks over to him and some how goes up into the air and falls on the ground
Ki:oh no stay away from me
Tigress:Whats wrong
then she see's ki glowing red all around of him
Ki:NNNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!! then ki falls to the ground and starts twiching and grips the ground
Ki:YOU CAN"T TAKE OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tigress:who is he talking too
then tigre, tigress gets up and she see's a red whirl of wind forming around ki and it's rotating faster and faster and tigre, tigress backs away but the wind gets harder and harder and it knocks tigre, tigress down and she gets back up and then it stops
then the wind pushes her with a big blast one after another

To Be Continued....