It doesn't look like the '90s fashion revival is going away any time soon. The latest comeback to emerge is the Christian Roth sunglasses that Kurt Cobain famously donned for many of his gigs and foto shoots. Silver Lining Vintage has teamed up with the style restoration experts over at Opening Ceremony to release a re-imagined set of the iconic eyewear, which includes Cobain's preferito 6558 series cat-eye style in white, black, and tartaruga shell, as well as the clear 6556 series round frames. While the actual frames are authentic Christian Roth, Silver Lining Vintage added a modern touch da gutting out the original lenses and inserting their own version in varied tints.

While not all men can (or want to) rock women’s shades, the ladies are sure to welcome the comeback with open arms. Let’s just hope no one goes overboard and wears these with a crop superiore, in alto AND a flannel AND Dr. Martens. I mean, I’m all for a good retro moment, but let’s also keep it moving.