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posted by wakana
Lacus Clyne (ラクス クライン)

Gender: Female
Alias: rosa Princess
Age:[GS] 16 [GSD] 18
Birthday: February 5, CE 55    
Blood type: B    
Genetic type: Coordinator    
Height: 158 cm [GS] 160 cm [GSD]
Weight: 53 kg [GS] 49 kg [GSD]
Hair: Light Pink
Eyes: Baby Blue-Gray
Family: Siegel Clyne [father,deceased]
Love Interest: Athrun Zala [former fiance], Kira Yamato [current]
Voice: Rie Tanaka [Japanese], Chantal Strand [English], Anne Helm [German]

Lacus Clyne is a pop idol among the PLANTs, this is due to both her father, Siegel Clyne, Supreme...
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