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la scelta dei fan: Its not a fantasy, it's an inevitability
la scelta dei fan: Rachel/Jesse
la scelta dei fan: Jonathan
la scelta dei fan: te evil b**ch how te dare to make me choose!!
la scelta dei fan: Glee
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Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff bacheca

Gaffney detto …
is it true that jonathan's gay ? if it is, i'm going to kill myself xD // however i wanted so badly he and rachel to be together on and off the screen .. ;xx :D:D postato più di un anno fa
imagleeklol commentato…
no ( THANK GOD!!!!) più di un anno fa
OceanCoast commentato…
Yes. He IS openly gay in real life. Here is an articolo about him. link più di un anno fa
Simmeh commentato…
@Gaffney te still alive over there? o.o più di un anno fa
uruguaygirl4398 detto …
are they engaged?? postato più di un anno fa
kaylap1410 commentato…
I heard Jonathan's gay so I doubt they're engaged più di un anno fa
GleekFreak18 commentato…
He is gay! They're best Friends and,they like to humor others. It was just a joke. Big loss to the female population. più di un anno fa
DenixD detto …
they're so cute...^-^ postato più di un anno fa
cello_14 commentato…
yeah. it totally broke my cuore when he broke that last egg in glee. :( più di un anno fa
DenixD commentato…
i was totally heartbroken toO...didn't think he was capable of doing that... più di un anno fa