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la scelta dei fan: Park Min Young
Park Min Young
Sandara Park
la scelta dei fan: him
la scelta dei fan: no
la scelta dei fan: 3
la scelta dei fan: both
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Aleina detto …
Lee u r my aim , u r like stella, star who tiwnkle everyday in life I c u daily u totally my aim DAT one giorno I meet with u am studying very hard to came Korea to only meet giorno I definitely see u in front of mee not in my dream o in mobile...I luv u più than my life postato ·2 mesi fa
litiya06 detto …
Lee min ho te are my favourite stella, star i really like
Like te and i hope to meet te one giorno postato ·6 mesi fa
trioncesibbs detto …
i Amore te min ho if only i could meet te one giorno though i know its impossible i pray that i meet te one giorno postato ·9 mesi fa