te became real Friends to me <3
Some nice words from your preferito Jess,right? :P
Well Natale is coming & as much as I Amore the Secret Santa, I still wanted to give something to all of te . So I decided to put my Amore for each one of te into words & I hope te like it {well of course te like it, I mean te get compliments,right?}
Btw, while listening to this have this song as a backkground sound: link

Nad ;
For me Nad has this really underrated artistic side. She is so talented with graphics & should get a lot più credit for what she does.She is really funny,which te can see on her tumblr post often &she is simply beautiful.When te look at her pictures she postato te will see what I'm talking about. Her kind words make me smile so much & she's just a super fun & caring girl all around. I still hope to get to know her più in the successivo time & I wish her a happy christmas.

Elle ;
She is the nicest girl te will ever meet, she tries so hard to keep the peace & spread the Amore & she achieves these things.Whatever she does, if she makes picks o bacheca post' o articoli te just know that it will make te smile in the end.Elle is really fun as well, which I know because of facebook, all her post makes me laugh o at least smile - she's our sunshine. She's also really dedicated to this spot & ofc to all your girls & I wish her a happy christmas.

agrifoglio ;
She's a fighter.I don't have to say more... She's been through so much & still pushes through with so much joy in her cuore & when we skyped she had so many fun story's to tell & she made me laugh a lot. Also,even when it's weird to say - I Amore her voice.. She could start a job as a story recorder {I don't know how this thing is called}, but te know where te read libri to kids & put them on a cassette ;) I hope she never gives up hope & I wish her a happy christmas.

Kelly ;
When I think of her I picture her as our "mother" of this spot. She's so talented with her icone & graphics & I wish she would make più Brathan o Brucas stuff! Kelly is also really protective like a mother orso ;) She is always straight up honest, especially when it comes to LP vs BL , but she always fully respects everyone.She's also a really pretty girl & I adore her long brown hair - just sayin'. Also I felt honored when she complimented me on my video's, she's like a Queen & I wish her a happy christmas.

Maham ;
I can't believe how close I grew to this girl, but she's definitly become one of my closest Friends one here. She is so inspiring, not just her art work {which btw is stunning!}, but also her entire attitude.Maham is for me the smart one in this group, she's having a plan in life & knows what she wants to do later & what way she wants to go & I admire that about her. I hope she achieves all of her aims & I wish her a happy christmas.

Celine ;
When I think of her I think about how sweet & loyal she is, how nice & caring & how talented. Celine is an all around girl for me.She's so good with graphics & icone & I wish I had her talent.She's also my husband stealer, but I don't mind because we will share our 2 man ;) Celine also is very pretty & down to earth. I Amore how close we got in the past months [year?].& I wish her a happy christmas.

Margot ;
Well first thing I have to say to her: that voice. So stunning & I honestly hope that she will become Youtube famous one giorno o at least get più acknowledged for her work! Also I think she's really creative & has many ideas to keep this spot alive.Margot has so much potential & I bet she will come really far in life & I wish her a happy christmas!

Moosh ;
That girl is like the leader of the LPF,right? Whenever te think of that spot - te think of her & I think she completly deserves that title! She is always there for everyone & always makes time to check in from time to time. She is really creative & makes so many fun picks & remembers a lot of stuff. Also she's really naive {in a good way} which makes it so interesting to talk to her, she's so funny & I actually had to laugh at many responses from her. She's amazing & undestanding & I wish her a happy christmas.

Rachel ;
I just got to know this girl some while ago, but I already know how sweet & caring she is. All she wants is for everyone to be happy & no one to feel left out! She's really curious, which i love, because whenever we talk it's never boring! She's really funny & open minded & creative & I hope to see più of her on this spot! She's such a lovely girl & I wish her a happy christmas.

ale ;
She is so real to me, she's not perfect & she's not trying to be, but she's honest & she is being herself & she doesn't put on some fake mask just so people would like her! She always speaks her mind, but she is also really loyal & brave! Also, hello? clothes anyone? How talented can somebody be? I wish & bet that we will see più of her in some years, her clothes are stunning & she's really talented & I wish her a happy christmas!

Angi ;
I really hope to get to know her more, but as much as I have seen I think she is a lovely, caring, loyal & CRAZY girl! She seems so hyper all the time & full of joy & love. She's a really inspiring person. Also I Amore how crazy/creative she is & when we do talk, it's always fun! She's incredibly nice & has an aura which I adore {which is so weird to say bc I've never met her} & I wish her a happy christmas.

Laura ;
She is so passionated with everything she loves & I Amore that. She stands behind te 100% if te need her, even when she doesn't feel very good herself. She's a fighter as well in my eyes & never gives up. Her Amore for Musica is adorable & I think Laura is really outgoing & one of the sweetest girls I meet on here. It's so much fun to talk to her & I wish her a happy christmas.

Steph ;
I really want to talk to her more, but what we have talked already I have to say that's she's so lovely & nice & it's fun chatting with her! She's taking care of a lot of activities in this spot & doesn't get as much credit as she deserves! I think she's a really great girl, who is honest & inpiring & I wish her a happy christmas.

Amber ;
To me Amber has such a fun side & is always there to cheer te up & put a smile on your face. It never gets boring when te talk to her, because she's also really open-minded & curious. Also she's honest & such a sweet girl, who sometimes stops da just to put a compliment on your wall! Amber is dependable & te can trust her with very important things & I wish her a happy christmas.

Dalma ;
When I first came to this spot, she was one of the first girls to stop da & say 'hey' & welcome me with open arms! She was so sweet to me & I had to smile through our entire conversation. She's joyful & very smart & careful with her words! I hope to write più with this girl soon & I wish her a happy christmas.

Chandler ;
This girl is so inspiring , she takes care of so many contest' on this side & also makes beautiful graphics & icons! te can count on her with whatever, whenever! She's so sweet & sympathetic.Chandler also always keeps te up to data & her Amore for OTH has no limits. She's really creative & I adore her patience as well & I wish her a happy christmas.

Nikky ;
I Amore to answer her picks, there are always fun & she is reall creative with them & also comes up with new stuff. She's a sweet girl for sure & makes pretty icons, she's an underrated icona maker IMO & we should change that :D She's super fun to talk to & I wish her a happy christmas.

Rach ;
She seems like such a popolare girl on here, but even through she is, she's also so sweet! She's interested in your opinion & that just shows how much she cares! She's really nice & I respect her for that & wish her a happy christmas.

P.S Don't worry guys, I'm doing something like this for the BLL Girls as well, but I wanted te to wait a bit longer just to annoy you. So if your not in this list, te are going to be in the other one {So Cat, Kir, Maria & più don't worry} :)

P.S #2 I honestly hope I didn't forget anybody & if I did, just write it down & I will put te on here as fast as I can, because remember: I Amore te all & I wish te a happy christmas. ;) haha