Leyton Family<3 //#3 - icone made for me♥// 26 sondaggi of things i Amore since I'm turning 26! || Which is your favorite?

Pick one:
Holding George's paw
Itty bitty baby George
George ON George
George & the chipmunk
Stiles saving Derek
Delena a Amore that consumes
Queen Nina <3
Husband ♥
Dany buddies
Dany buddies 2
Where were te Damon?
Larry Stylinson ♥
Hobrien cuties <3
Carolena cuties ♥♥
Golden haired goddess ♥
Rough sex, make it hurt ;)
Are te watching me sleep?
Alpha Derek RAWR!!
All i want for Xmas is Tyler Hoechlin, naked...
Elena in the snow = ME in the snow!
Jake & Peyton being perfect *sigh*
Sexy Sawyer ♥♥
Sawyer & Kate, up against a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
Sun 'will fuck a cagna up' Kwon
Naley bambini ♥
DE first meeting
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