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Lions attack! Lionesses defend their cubs against intruding males!

Cecil the Lion Sleeps


Jericho The Lion Calling For His Brother Cecil The Lion

TRAILER - The Lion King: The Retribution of Cecil

A Lion King Animator Created The Most Breathtaking Tribute To Cecil the Lion

Caught on camera: Cecil the lion's cubs

Chicago Week: Cecil The Lion Beanie Baby

Cecil the lion

Cecil The Lion - Can te Feel The Amore Tribute

R.I.P Cecil The Lion Tribute/Memorial Video

The Lion Queen

Lost Lion Reunites with His Brother

Unlikely Animal Friends: Cute Lion Cub and Meerkats

Lion Dad Meets Cubs For the First Time

Lion cubs meet dad

Adult Lions

Kapama Young Male Lion Roar

Lions in Amore

Lion: Africa's King Of The Beasts

Lion prides clash

A lion pride is born

Be the Creature - Lions

Lion Roaring

Male African Lion Roaring at National Zoo

Lions Roaring at the San Diego Wild Animal Park

Sit Down With Lion Cubs at Woodland Park Zoo Seattle

Adorable lion cub debuts at the Bronx Zoo

Roaring Lions

Lion cub trying to roar

Big lion cub bothers the baby cubs

Lion cub gives his best roar

Lions roaring

leonessa shows trust in man with her newborn cubs

Quartet of Lion Cubs Take Their First Steps Outside at Longleat

Cheetah vs lion - BBC wildlife

King lion duo and their pride - BBC wildlife

‎"The Lion Man" - Shocking Real Story

A leonessa Adopts a baby antelope!

White Lion Cubs Birth Documentary

White Lion Roar!

Lions vs Hyenas

BBC Wildlife-Introducing lion cubs to their father

BBC Wildlife-Lion under attack

Battle at Kruger

How to draw a lion