Our life revolves around them and they dictate us and everyone around us. It's kind of about them and they're doing really well," she says. "I don't want to put them in school just yet – I want to keep them to myself as long as possible!"

She's also trying to convince her son Benjamin, a basso player who is the spitting image of his grandfather, to unisciti her touring band.

"We haven't ever worked together but he's the one person who can get away with being a certain way with me and talking to me a certain way that no one else could get away with," she says with a laugh.

"He kind of runs me a little bit. He's really strong-minded and he will tell me what's what. It would be interesting, because if we butt heads, we really butt heads, and honestly, I'd back down. He has that over me.

Lisa's new cd it's called "Storm and Grace" and it will be out in May 2012