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Chapter Two: Messages Part two: Sender
Location: New Legion base
Date: Thursday, December 23st 4337
Time: 1:22 P.M.
“…And te are sure that the project made these events occur?” A tall echidna, wearing a sort of uniform, asked a hooded echidna, as they both walked through a string of dark hallways.
“Ahm certain, sir.” A Tocktin (Cockney British) accented echidna under the cappuccio answered. “Not only that, but my guess’is, that she don’t remembah one bloomin thing. I mean, being from that past world and all.”
“Indeed.” The taller one replied. “Well at least we still have that...
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Chapter 2: The Acquaintance of Mystery
Location: 17 Vinnie Grove, Lexistropolis
Date: Saturday November 29th 4337
Time: 5:34 A.M.

In a normal house in a normal neighborhood, a very abnormal happening is about to occur. A figure goes to the houses door, opens it, then darts inside. The figure than attempts to dart up the hallway stairs, but is caught.
“Elizabeth!” A tall figure scolded. The first figure stopped, and slowly turned around. It was in fact Lizzy. “What are te doing here so late!?”
“Don’t te mean early?” Lizzy corrected.
“Do not contradict your mother young lady!” The...
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Chapter Six: Mood Rings Part two

Later that Night on the second-attempt-mission…

“TESS!! MIGHT WANT TO HURRY UP A BIT!!” Lizzy yelled though her com-link as she finished beating up then throwing out four of the guards. The alarms were blaring already, and people all over were rushing out. Some of them should not have been let out.

“Chells! Have te gotten the charges planted yet?!” Lizzy asked.

“Almost.” Chells answered. “We need about ten minuti to get the core-explosive ready.”

“Well hurry u-EEP!!” Lizzy was knocked to the floor da a taser. A guard pulled out a gun from...
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Chapter nine: Location Investigation
Location: 66 Jazon Ave, Lexistropolis
Wednesday December 13th, 4337
Time: 2:42 P.M.
Lizzy walked over to the Solomon household, carrying a shovel, for the snow that had finally arrived. She was going there for this special occasion, for it was the giorno that Tess and Zen were off restriction.
“FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!” Tess exclaimed, as she and Zen rushed out of their house, and into the snow. “AND IT’S FINALLY SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY I’M GONNA CRY!!!!!”
“Please don’t.” Lizzy teased. “Yeah, I guess it is pretty cool, that it’s snowing...
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“Are te gonna be okay with Mr. High-ness in there?” Lizzy asked Jack in concern of the pathetic-acting lynx, now quoting “You killed my father. Prepare to die”.
“No, but I’ll manage.” Jack replied, smiling slightly. “Good night.” Jack drove off, and as soon as he did, Lizzy found herself extremely tired, and at the same time, energetic. There was a strange energy flowing through her. It made her happy, and confused, and tipsy, and più tired. Whatever it was, it felt good.
Lizzy quickly went inside, and finished cleaning up the house with her Grandfather. An ora later she...
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Chapter Six “Mood Rings”

“Tired… Tired… Tired… watch the… there he is… Tired… coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… te are the fourth demented mension fension… rhyme… I commaaaaaand youuuuuuuu… Doctor… Blackgaard…” It was at that moment that Tess finally fell asleep.

Location: Phantis HQ
Date: Monday, January 11th, 3448
Time: 4:11A.M.

All of the members sat in their couches watching the very loopy Tess as she detto random gibberish out of lack of sleep. Lizzy and Nzelde stood in front of the others. Lizzy kept her cool tough look which Nzelde noticed, and seemed to admire slightly,...
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Chapter Five: Sibling
Location: Eventide House-hold
Date: Wednesday, January 6th, 3448
Time: 4: 38 A.M.

“Lizzy,” Davilic Eventide yawned tiredly to his granddaughter as he followed her into the kitchen, “why do we need to bake so early?

“Because I’m an idiot!” Lizzy replied in a self-inflicting tone.

“Did te forget to bake something yesterday?”

“No. I blew it with Sung. She made me and Ira and the school and… everybody, a bunch of these cookies, and Ira lied to me about the pepper, and the school got sploded, and- and-… *sigh*… I blew it.”

“So that is why te were so quiet...
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Chapter Four: Two Lynxes One Cat
Location: Lexistropolis, Raventide High-school
Date: Date: Monday, January 4th, 4337
Time: 11:56 A.M.

Lizzy waited impatiently for the clock to strike twelve. Ever since it had made it to eleven-forty-seven she had been counting and counting to herself. Math was not something she particularly enjoyed, which made it all the harder.

11:57. A small amount of relief came da that small ticking noise as it reached the successivo minute, but it was soon replaced da increased stress.
11:58. The sheer boredom of the lesson, and how little she could keep up with was overwhelming...
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Meanwhile In a dark city-like area…

“Are te prepared?” A male shadow-covered figure asked to a female shadow-covered figure.

“Yes.” She replied.

“What is your mission?” He asked.

“Surveillance, infiltration, and extraction.” She replied.

“Are te fully equipped?” He inquired.

“Fully and functionally.” She answered. “I will not fail you, my grandfather.”

“From now forth te begin your chapter in our league.” The male noted. “It is a most important role. Do not fail me, and do not fail your people.”

“Nor fear, nor friendship, nor heart, nor Amore will delay my...
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Chapter Three: The Lizzy and the Rock-star
Location: Lexistropolis Raventide High-School
Date: Monday, December 27 4337
Time: 10: 57 A.M.

“And then they actually thought that I was their leader!” Terry Johnson bragged, surrounded da a large crowd of gullible students. Lizzy, Tess, Zen, and Chells were just approaching the area, and quickly catching on to the annoying voice they knew too well.

“I’m beginning to think that trying to frame her wasn’t such a good idea.” Lizzy hinted to her friends.

“Why’s that?” Zen asked. “No one suspects te anymore.”

“Yes but right about now...
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