Re-watching Lois and Clark has had these ideas bouncing around in my head for a while. The evolution of Lois Lane, the many different types of Superman characters over the years, and the changing of the ethos of Superman. I keep coming back to one point, Kidder's Lois and Reeve's Clark along with Hatcher's Lois and Cain's Clark. Equally loved and cherished da many, and I will not be bashing anyone in particular but may draw some comparisons.

For instance; Reeve's Clark/Superman is a staple in everyone's heart. He was the one everyone remembers vividly in this generation even though Superman has been around for much longer. Reeve's Superman was an imposing and masculine force. He defined the idea of people's interpretation of a man of steel. My mother actually worked with Reeve for a brief time and told me he was a mammoth of a man, very shy but very physically imposing.

Then there's Cain's Superman; a softer più gently featured and hearted Superman. Granted I Amore him because he was the first Superman I saw as a kid growing up on the series but he has finer features and his character was written to be più gentle and less imposing, a boy scout, a helper of all men just looking for love. I adore his portrayal of Clark/Superman but he was not the "man of steel" the DC comics were thinking of, which was nice. He had a huge heart.

Then there's Kidder's Lois Lane; a feisty, liberated, seasoned reporter that lived for the job. Something I saw Kidder in instantly. But not something very well suited for Reeve's (even hyper masculine) Superman o Kansas raised Clark. I wanted them to click but something was just missing in the portrayal, whether it was behind the scenes o the chemistry I am not sure. o my own interpretation of Clark looking for Amore and finding a much older woman, whom had no established sex appeal and lacked the vulnerability to be saved da any man. Kidder nailed the independence, the drive, the tenacity but there wasn't much of a Amore story with their characters.

Whether it was the timing of the film, where women's liberation was still evolving and they assumed every independent woman must be in some way masculine o just unapproachable I don't know. But this is where I see great differences for the better in Hatcher's version of Lois.

Again, this is just my opinion nor do I want to belittle anyone's other version of Lois Lane. I just wanted to point out why Hatcher's Lane worked for me.

In the Pilot, Hatcher was determined to blaze through with that stubborn, independence we all know as Lois. She of course added her own flare in the process. Being this was her first starring role, there is always room for expansion. And they did! With Cain's softer Clark they paired a più vulnerable Lois. te can see with each episode her hard facade waver as she worked with Clark and adored Superman from afar. I would have changed her "high school crush gushing over Superman" demeanor a tad but it's supposed to mostra us even this hard journalist can be wooed. Hatcher also brings a quirky, vulnerability and innocence to the role I have come to love. She is like a troubled child, in fact with her divorced family and neurotic tendencies, she's a mess to Clark's stable existence.

The writer's had più time and room for depth into why Lois was so stubborn and stuck in her ways. I believe Hatcher, while at times playful, played Lois with a doe eyed, depth that no one has yet to master again. She was both sexy, stubborn, independent, fearless, and had that childlike innocence Lois needed for a great romance with Clark/Superman.

Of Course there are always faults too, for instance the green screen screaming and falling every other episode. Which was also a staple in lore, but it got old after a while. I would say to myself, "Lois should be afraid of heights da now, o learned some lesson!" But she wouldn't be Lois without the conflict. o the wavering between vulnerable Lois to babbling Lois, to righteous indignation Lois in the same scene kind of made her look scattered and nuts sometimes. But she always calmed down in the end, only using Clark's stability to keep her grounded.

But we cannot discuss Lois and Clark without the chemistry of Cain and Hatcher. I don't want to hear they didn't get along on set, it does not matter. When those cameras rolled it was like gold! Magic in a bottle, the tension, the angst, dare I say sexual heat between Clark and Lois o Lois and Superman. Lois had più of a crush on Superman, while Clark pined away for Lois and she was oblivious. I mean come on Lois, he's adorable!

At any rate, we see this wonderful heat turn into a great Amore story, which does happen to be a Hatcher staple. Considering I watched Desperate Housewives as well, where she also brought the neurotic comedy, with the undying Amore story. Lois and Clark bloom into friends, and innamorati in the most cosmic way I can still hear myself cheering in scenes, o saying "NO!" to others as a kid when they threw another curve ball at us.

It may have been over dramatized, a tad cheesy sometimes, weird other times, but it worked. It all clicked. te felt for the characters, te felt for their story, te even loved Perry's Elvis obsession. So when I was Leggere reviews of the DVDs online I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people Amore the mostra as much as I do, even in its short seasonal run.

It's still one of my preferiti for all those reasons and more. Whether te Amore Hatcher's Lois, o Reeve's Clark it just has its own place in the Superman history. It's like coming home again to a place reserved for Lois and Clark in everyone's hearts.