The end?

I dont get the end at all..Im Lost in LOST.. Someone explain?

How did Sun give birth to her dother,if SHE is dead?
How does Locke mean "You dont have a son,Jack"?
Did Hurley die too?
How did they bild the church if their dead?
If the island was an inbetween,why did they have to save it and from what?
Why did they go to the concerto if their dead?
Where did Sayid go when he died?
Why do u have to die on the island if they are already dead?
If Sawyer always talked "I want to go off this damn island" what did he mean with that and where did he want to go?
Does the island even excist?
When they got back in the 70-this,where they alive?
Why did Jack fix John Locke if he was dead?
When Jack got in "heaven" why didnt he remember Kate? And how did she 'wait' for him 'so long' ?
Do they know they are dead?

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haha i did
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Lost Risposte

anna_tvd said:
First of all, the Island did exist. Everything that ever happened on the Island was real.

Now, to answer some of your questions. There were the Oceanic Six that escaped the Island and went back to "normal life". That is how Sun was able to have her daughter. The rest of the survivors that were left behind on the Island went through the time travel. When the flashes eventually stopped, they ended up in 1974. They were all alive during this time.

In the flash-sideways in Season 6, all of the survivors are in purgatory. They all have to find each other before they can sposta on to eternity. All of them die, but not at the same time. Hurley was the guardian of the Island for the rest of his life before he died, but when he did die, he joined the rest of the survivors in purgatory.

Jack was the last one to accept that they were all dead, therefore forcing them all to wait for a long time. They couldn't sposta on without him. Subconsciously he was forcing himself to not remember Kate, because he didn't want to believe that he was dead.

In the church at the end, when Jack is talking to his father, he realized that he was dead. The rest of the survivors knew that they were dead; they were just waiting for Jack.
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i know,but how did they sposta on,if they were still on the island? i mean sposta on waiting for jack?
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tammy63 said:
The island was in the present, some got off on the plane, Jack died and Hurly and Ben took charge over the island. Once eveyone had died,years later, they were all brought back together in purgetory. It did'nt matter how long it took as time had no meaning in purgatory. Hope that helps!
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emmyk551 said:
they died in the crash.. they only seemed alive because they weren't ready to sposta on.. the ones that seemed dead to them moved on.. they had to go threw all this to undersand that they died and forgive everything and everybody like jack to his fother.
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