I'm doing a project for school. about a fan club. whats the cost? what does this club offer (features)?... an do te like this club and y ?

 safetypin_1992 posted più di un anno fa
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Rock_Smurf_77 said:
Firstly this fan club cost nothing. A user sets up a club and then people who like it to unisciti for free. I think this is a very good fanclub as it has a wide variety of elements. There are video which are used for multifandom nd also for promos which I cant see in england. There is then the pick and domanda and answer sections for people to ask about things if they don't get it o just want to know what everyone else thinks. successivo there is the links and articolo sections. The links are really helpful as it helps me to watch all my favourite shows. As well as this links are added for spoilers, interviews, reviews, fun and for many other thngs. The articoli are used in kind of the same way they are written da other users for either fanfiction, reviews, ideas, opinions and much more. There is then the picture section which users carica tonnes of foto to. A chat has just been added in on most spots so users can talk to each other easier. Finally we have the forum pages. These forum pages are used for games, questions, debates, theories and also a lot more. Users can interact with each other through their profiles. te can be fan of other fan and also give props if te like something they have done.In general i really like this fansite as not only does it help me to watch all my favourite shows but i can also have fun on it with the ifferent sections. The users are also amazing in this fanclub and get along really well. I hope this answered your domanda and just to say once again how good this site is.
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posted più di un anno fa 
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