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MegaLeafeon detto …
Omg I started this mostra yesterday and I did not know this fan club was here what are the odds! postato ·11 mesi fa
alinah_09 detto …
What the heck? xD Took me long enough to say this, but a few days fa when I was playing SIF,Mari suddenly popped up (I had Maki partnered) and te know what she said? I don't remember the exact line anymore but I do know I didn't make a mistake when I read somewhere along the lines of "Lets paint the town red!" that one got me too stunned that I forgot to take a screenshot...hopefully I get that line again so I could. postato più di un anno fa
MissChoiJunhong detto …
Anyone here who plays the Amore Live mobile game and
loves the new update because I do! ♡ XD WAITING
FOR 18 HOURS IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT postato più di un anno fa
alinah_09 commentato…
Is there a new event? As far as I know the update has those scouting tickets added now. :D (I sorta wasted them on the wrong category without knowing T^T) più di un anno fa
alinah_09 commentato…
--and I think the last time I played it was a Hanayo event. più di un anno fa
MissChoiJunhong commentato…
Yes there is going to be a new event I postato an articolo più di un anno fa