Does he like me?

So theres this guy I like in school who has a LOT in common with me. I Amore talking to him but the hard part is im even più shy than Hinata from Naruto X( Luckily it usually goes the same way: At the end of the last class im sitting there on the bench and he'll come up and talk to me until he has to leave. He only texted me once but whenever we talk via text it's usually for a good ora o more. Im not very good at figuring out if someone likes me so what do te guys think?
 suzyisbrute posted più di un anno fa
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LovelyLL said:
I think te should definitely spend some più time with him, how do te feel about him? If nothing, it seems to me that te could be a good Friends :)
If he's willing to talk to you, than there's probably something. Where there's smoke, there's fuoco :D
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posted più di un anno fa 
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