what do I do need gut help.

There is this guy I like, and we go to the same school. We have spoken a couple of time after school normally around 7 o 8 pm are conversation last about two hours o more. But it seems like it hard for us to keep up a conversation. For one thing, I am scared to so my feeling even though I think he knows.I don't want to be considered to hipper o noisy seeming, even though he likes to ask a lot of domande to me. He is a night owl and like philosophy. We have something in common but not much. But at the same time, he will still text me after a couple of giorno of me not texting o calling him because I am scared to. Becuase I am scarred to mostra my feeling and don't want to say the wrong thing. So I am confused on where we stand. Are we Friends o più I feel we are friends, but there are signs that say maybe we are more. So I am confused what do I do?
 smithdog posted più di un anno fa
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kicksomebut23 said:
te guys might have mutal feelings with each other.

Since te guys have been friends, try to share your feelings with him . Than ask him how does he feel about you. It is better for a guy to ask a girl out because he will make his decision will be made up together....if te ask him out,possibly he could lose feelings for te soon.

Try that out and don't be afraid and never fear being yourself...there is no way to do and act around a guy.
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posted più di un anno fa 
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