Why am I so jealous of my crush?

It's a horrible feeling. I'm a girl btw, and I really like this guy and I get jealous when he talks to anybody o when he gets something that I don't. te know, the typical jealous situations. I'm especially jealous of his eyes and hair and his looks, but I don't get it, we're different genders, but I am gender fluid, but I don't want to feel this way toward him anymore.
 AloisFanGirl20 posted più di un anno fa
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writer67 said:
well u must find a way to let go. sadly Amore is always within us. yet sometimes we are able to share yet there is somethings wer wish to keep just to ourselves. only when u know of unconditional Amore will u know of it. sadly its a time evolement stage. u still young. but get away from ur jealous side. it , not urs but some others jealousy has put them in jail as well ruins their own life. with true Amore , u must b able and willing to let it go..... as it rips tears and stomps upon the remainder parts of ur heart, u cant eat u cant sleep u cant focus. yet u must pick urself up b$ ur get trampled, for no 1 will pick u up. the loe may return , n sometimes it does.
u cant freeze ur emotions o thoughts. the hardest for u atm is LET IT GO.
I get the pic. eyes , hair, looks, his personality his voice. yep u got moore than a crush, that a cold doccia will not fix.
spiaggia time o mountains. u need think time.
yet ask urself the q u ask. deep down u know. but do not let jelousy take control of u, sorry of errs, its of truth they r here.
good luck in all u do.
normal cost 1 prop,
good luck.
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posted più di un anno fa 
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