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posted by AshlyAtrocity
One più reason I should never have met you
Just another reason I could never forget you
Down we go
The rooms spinning out of control

Lose myself in a chemical moment
White lights taking it's tole
That's just the way it goes
Come on, Stella would te take me home

She went and also got a blanket because she knew he was still going to be cold from that freezing doccia she just threw him in.then she patiently sat on the divano waiting untill he came into the living room. As soon as he stepped in the living room she went for the attack.
"so now, why exactly is all this." she pointed at the empty alchol bottles...
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posted by nciscsinysvu
So the song "The cerca Is Over" da Survivor fits SMac so PERFECTLY i had to let te all know, if te didn't already :P

How can I convince you, what te see is real
Who am I to blame you, for doubting what te feel
I was always reaching, te were just a girl I knew
I took for granted the friend I have in you

I was living for a dream, loving for the moment
Taking on the world, that was just my style
Now I look in to your eyes
I can see forever, the cerca is over
You were with me all the while

Can we last forever, do we fall apart
At times it's so confusing, the domande of the heart
You followed me through...
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posted by missdisapper
Here goes......
Every time i tried to tell her how i felt, something would interrupted me and it'll be left unspoken, now she'll never get to hear the three words I'd longed to say. That night was the worst night of my life, I'll never forget it. I only popped round to see how she was because she wasn't her usual self at work today. If only i arrived a few hours earlier maybe she'll be alive, seeing her like that made me feel guilty as i wasn't there to protect her. She relied on me to protect her and i hadn't done my job and now my best friend and soul mate was gone. Gone, not knowing how i...
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posted by HouseAddict87
[Disclaimer: As always I do not own any characters o CSI: NY they are owned da CBS and all of its affiliates. Any other characters in the story are mine.

Author’s Note: This is my secondo CSI: NY fan fic and again it centers on Mac and Stella but involves the whole team and past characters including villains and some who have died. It’s an AU fic and takes place on a military base. The team and most of the other characters are all members of an elite team of under cover military police/CSI whose main initiative is to uncover the going ons of a crime organization in the local town where...
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posted by neurogirl07
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, expect what's in my apartment, and well, my mind.
Rating: R-ish.

Mac forcefully pushed Stella up against the scarlet red, smooth bacheca of his bedroom of his apartment, pinning her against it. Stella felt strong hands plant themselves on her wrists and then gently, yet expertly, pinned those against the bacheca as well. The rest of her body was pushed up da his own body weight. She could feel his warmth, his heat. She felt his abdominal muscles tightened and felt his cuore race. He smirked at her, taking in all that...
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posted by neurogirl07

“Stella, are te coming? Danny ran the fibers that te collected at the roller rink and he detto that it may indeed be a lead and….”
It is amazing of how powerful words are
They rush over te like a wave, a tidal wave
Quenching every pore, every square inch of skin, every neuron in your brain
And then some
Its refreshing
But scary
Scary of how fast his words take over you
Like a dominatrix
With a whip
In full S&M gear
You try to talk o even look at him, but te can't
You want too, te need too
You need to say something so it doesn’t make this...
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posted by lasherricka
mac was sleeping in his bed.he couldn't help but dream of stella how that tingle rippeled through his body turning his legs to gelatina when her soft warm wet skin made contact with her camicia fitted her so her hair shirlled up when it was her eyes where filled with worry and sadness when she running to that building.her warm breath on his neck making his hair stand straight.
mac slowly opened his eyes.he saw a figure in his letto he didn't remember being there when he laid his head on his pillow.hoping maybe even praying he saw castagna, castagno curls he say straight black hair....
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Well sadly enough my SMacked fic is about to end so if te like this one then I will write it so that I will satisify everyone who reads my stories. Mostly myself i am addicted to Scrivere these.. :) Tell me what te think. your commenti will help me decide if i am going to write it as a fic :P

What would te do if te woke up one giorno and everything was different...... well that is what just happend to me.

What anno was it?
What day?
How did I get here?
Who's house am i in?
What is the purpose of being here?
Where is Mac?

Suddenly Mac came in and kissed me. I was taken back when...
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posted by csinylovers
i'm sorry if this one is a bit confusing, but i hope that te still can enjoy the story! D:

Midnight, there was a buzz in Mac’s apartment. He allowed her to come inside the building without a question. For he knew who that was. He smiled with grateful and waited for a knock on the door…………………
    Stella was not sure. Why he wanted her to be at his place? She had no idea why. Anyway, she’d been to his place before. Why should she afraid of it now? She was now standing in front of Mac’s door but she dare not to knock. Finally, she have him 3 light knocks….....
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posted by Lumos
Another ff :). Just something fluffy and cute WITHOUT drama ;D. Enjoy!

I should go back to my paperwork. Yeah I should REALLY go back to my paperwork! But damn… How can I concentrate on a boring case while knowing I could do something so much better? How can I concentrate on a boring case whole knowing I just have to open that file and click on that foto so see… Yeah to see what? To see the most attractive man on earth? To see his handsome face and his lovely grin he’s used to give me? To see my boss? Yes I have a crush on my boss. But much più complicated...
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posted by popeye1212
* I don’t own anything, they belong to CBS and anyone who has rights to CSI:NY. Mac and Stella belong to each other. :D

Yet another sleepless night for Mac Taylor.
His chronic insomnia was rearing its ugly head once again. Ever since he started ‘feeling’ Claire’s presence around him.

He was feeling emotionally helpless now. He was desperate for human contact; he needed someone to talk to.

He dialed Stella’s number about a dozen times, but she didn’t pick up.
It’s 2 am, Mac. He thought to himself, turning his cell phone off. She’s probably asleep.

He didn’t know what to do with...
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posted by lasherricka
Chapter 3

Getting into his car, Mac drove to AcquaPazza and picked up their dinner. Then stopping at the liquor store, he grabbed a bottle of white wine to go with the Filet Mignon Brochette with Shrimp.

Arriving at home, he placed the dinners in the forno turning the temp on low. Heading into the bathroom he ran the shower, stripped off his clothes, and allowed the spray to wash away the day.

Turning off the taps, he wrapped the towel around his waist. Walking into his bedroom, he put on his black jeans with a white t-shirt.

"Now a couple squirts of cologne, and te are ready Mac."

Giving himself...
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posted by popeye1212
* I don’t own anything, they belong to CBS and anyone who has rights to CSI:NY. Mac and Stella belong to each other. :D
I think the story could have turned out much better than this. Sorry if I made this a crappy work. I think the plot doesn't live up to its title... I think I'm losing my touch. :(

Anyway, rate and commento please.
Comments are highly appreciated so please don't hesitate to tell me what te think of the story. :)

“Let’s get out of here. We can still go out and get dinner.” Mac gently grabbed her wrist and guided her out of the crowded club.


As they stepped...
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posted by popeye1212
* I don’t own anything, they belong to CBS and anyone who has rights to CSI:NY. Mac and Stella belong to each other. :D
“I’m really sorry, Mac… I – I’ll just go now…” Feeling ashamed of herself, she stormed out of his apartment.
“No – Stell. Wait!” he ran after her but she was already gone.

Those in Italics are thoughts in the characters’ heads.

As always, Rate and Comment!

“Stell, why’d te run off last night?” Mac’s voice sounded of concern yet his eyes were reeking of sadness.
“I – I was just so embarrassed that I spilled wine on te and I...
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posted by popeye1212
* I don’t own anything. They all belong to CBS and everyone else who has the rights to CSI - Scena del crimine NY. Mac and Stella belong to each other. :D
warning: Peyton is a part of this story.
She might make Smacked fan sort of mad in this chapter, but te will like how this story ends. :D

“Ma’am, my name is Mac Taylor. I’m with the NYPD – “ the woman cut him off.
“I know who te are.” She replied bluntly.
“How do te know me?”


There was deafening silence.
To Mac’s surprise, the woman removed the gun from the side of his head and started planting light kisses on his neck. She...
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posted by Lumos
The story continues! *muhaha* :D Nooo I'm not crazy...

4 days later, 8 o’clock pm
‘That’s it Taylor! I’ve called te almost 100 times in the last 4 days. Now te can’t hide yourself from me. te can turn your phone off but I really do not think you’re not at home. I told te to stay away from work but that doesn’t mean te shouldn’t talk to me anymore. But okay if te want it that way… Okay… So I’ll visit you. No matter if te want it o not. I’ll look how te are and maybe stay a few minuti and talk to you. Your fault! All your...
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posted by popeye1212
* I don’t own anything, they belong to CBS and anyone who has rights to CSI:NY. Mac and Stella belong to each other. :D

“I don’t know Mac.” She replied as she dialed 911 on her phone. “But te better remember what te did to her… She’s dead.”

A horrified look appeared on Mac’s face.
Who is this woman? What happened last night?


Mac pulled himself together and got up from his bed.
His mind was racing. What happened last night? Who is this woman? What did I do to her?

Stella was waiting outside his apartment, restlessly pacing on his front door.
“Stella… I…” Mac...
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Paaaart 3!

It’s already evening as Mac’s ready. He needs something new to distract so he turns his mobile phone on.
’11 missed calls’ Stella’s tried to phone him! Should he… No… Too painful. He just sits on his divano and looks on his mobile phone. Suddenly his door rings. He stands up fast but then he stops and looks in a mirror. He looks terrible! He hasn’t taken a doccia and his eyes are sad and empty. He wears a old t-shirt and jogging trousers. No matter… Whoever stands in front of the door wouldn’t see him for a long time. He just wants to be alone. With this thoughts...
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posted by lasherricka
mac was just trying to process what he just did.he could see stella fade in the distance so he went after her.
"stella" he called out.
she was a very fair distance away fom mac, but mac could cut through the lab to get to he went through the lab. mac was makng his way through the lab he was getting closer to stella until lab tec came out of no where causing papers to fly everywhere.when mac looked up stella was he helped pick up the papers and then began to cerca for stella.he came up empty handed so he started to ask everyone.he asked lindsay,hawkes,sid,adam,danny,flack, and...
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posted by SteMack
... "It stops: Stella Bonasera "....
URGENT!.-I opened and read:
"Stella, te will be transferred this week,of course,if te want !and that te will be the new department head .I hope your answer on Wednesday at 14:00.
Sincerely Brigham Sinclair"
I froze, did not know the answer, Mac and me had to talk to about it, uncertainty was already driving me crazy...
Until I took courage and decided to talk to mac.
and then I turned, I saw blue eyes staring at me with a look of doubt and the only thing I could say was:
-[b]MAC ?!

Continues... :)