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The Hatter (Tarrant Hightopp) is a character from Johnny Depp's Alice films and he's awesome.

Although there have been several versions of the Hatter the Johnny Depp version is my favorite. The Hatter has always been the funnest character in the Alice in Wonderland franchise. He has a delightfully eccentric and goofy personality. Plus his costume is really stylish. Despite how many versions of the Hatter exist the Johnny Depp version is my favorite.

Actually I barely knew Johnny Depp before I saw the 2010 Alice film. His awesome performance in the 2010 film made me become a Johnny Depp fan...
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Okay If te read the titolo te are going to either agree wholeheartedly o laugh your asses off at me. But what the ciao man. I need a good opinion.

I think johnny depp is absoaloute KING of the recitazione world all te budding actors grovel and worship him. But i have never like fancied him before and as sooon as I saw him play the mad hatter t was like BOOM!

heres some reasons he is hot.
1. the hatter is a total scottish? exhibitionist.
2. He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him.
3. His hair & eyebrows are fucking awesome mahn.

Okay so now te know that I totally Amore the mad hatter if te agree please say so in the commenti and if te don't then tell me why in the commenti box. Thank you
There are several versions of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, but Johnny Depp's version is my favorite. No offense to Martin Short who did a really good job at playing the Mad Hatter.


In Johnny's films the Mad Hatter is named Tarrant Hightopp. He's the son of a hatter, Zanik Hightopp. Tarrant is quite good at making nice hats. Also he's a eccentric person who acts very mad, but he's a fun kind of mad. He's close Friends with Alice Kingsleigh.

Why Johnny's hatter is so good:

Tarrant is 1 of the most entertaining fictional characters of all time. He's such a delightfully...
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posted by MadasaHatter14
I think the Mad Hatter is hot too. Although I heard that a lot of Johnny Depp's Characters are gay. But it doesn't make sense because in the successivo pirates of the Caribbean movie, he has a thing for some girl. (me:jealous) But complessivamente, generale I think he's pretty hot. Especially when he uses that Scottish accent. Some people think I'm pretty weird for thinking this, but I have my followers. I just thought that I'd let te know that you're not the only one.
If te really think that way about the Mad Hatter as I do, then te should really check out some of the fan-fiction that people have written about him and Alice. I know it's Alice and not you, but te can just imagine that it is. Google "alice in wonderland fan-fiction" and your first hit should be the one to pick. HAVE FUN!!! XD