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la scelta dei fan: That could turn the story Interesting
That could turn the story...
la scelta dei fan: Misaki
la scelta dei fan: Sexy!
la scelta dei fan: Konou
la scelta dei fan: Usui
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marcelinerocker detto …
Maid Sama is my preferito anime, I really like this Anime I wonder why is Misaki Blush all the time when Usui is around. postato più di un anno fa
big smile
AdrianaNHA detto …
I Amore this book! I am Leggere it right now! I'm on book 4 and it's like the best thing right now. My libaray only has 1-8 and I hope they get più soon! Well, It's nice to meet you. And my name is Adriana. postato più di un anno fa
marcelinerocker commentato…
What kind of book is? più di un anno fa
AdrianaNHA commentato…
It's Maid-Sama! più di un anno fa
marcelinerocker commentato…
WOW!!! più di un anno fa
sheenstar detto …
Amore Amore Amore this im on episode 16 an im in love, anime, hot boys, cuteness personified romance comedy sign me up postato più di un anno fa