Kino Hime and Kudou Senrei

Genre: Gender Bender, Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
Published: June 20, 2009 and still ongoing
Total Chapters (currently as June 14, 2012): 58
Story and Art by: Minami Maki
Volumes: 9
[Can be read online at MangaFox]

About it:

Kino Hime is a 15 anno old girl who just started at her first anno of high school at a school for seiyuu's (voice actors) called Hiragi Academy. All to accomplish her dream to be the voice of the main character of Japan's most popolare Anime series "Magic Fighter Lovely Blazers"*.
Hiragi Academy is no average school. It allows students to make debuts in sports, on-scree acting, voice acting, music, and media communication. And of course this school is full of celebrities! Two of her classmates are none other than the rising idols of the group "Idol Unit Agua". And even the son of her idol (the first seiyuu for MFLB*) Kudou Senrei (who is a total tsundere)

But succeeding as a femal seiyuu isn't gonna be easy for Hime. When she tries to have a "cute Anime voice" she ends up spitting out the voice of a 38 - 79 anno old man whose smoked nearly his whole life. Thus the nickname "Gori-Hime". She's sooo awful that even Kudou Senrei points it out every chance he gets. Will Hime be able to prove everyone that she can succeed despite first appearance?


Over all: EPIC!!!! Holy crap!!! I'm shaking just waiting for chapter 59!!!! Its hilarious! I read chapters 1-57 in a giorno and introduced it to my best friends. They Amore it!!! I plan to special order all the volumes out currently.

Plot and storyline: It twists at all the right places and helps for character development. Steps away from cliches.

Characters: All likeable. Hime's Friends complement each other in a way that's special. No personalities are the same. Affect Hime in both negative and positive ways. Backgrounds are solid. I Amore how Senrei's background affects Hime the most.

Romance: Sweet!!! I find myself "Awwwwww"ing every five minutes. It's slow paced but its GREAT!!!! It fits the personalites of everyone.

Art: ITS Awesome!!! It fits with the story and the characters. I really like Manami Maki's art style but it could be just a preference. If te don't like it, it grows on you.

(from left to right) Yamada Haruka, Kudou Senrei, Kino Hime, Haruyama Mizuki