I recommend people to read manga at mangahere.com and mangafox.me. Those two have a lot of mangas in their sites. although mangahere.com may not have some of the mangas that te are looking for go to mangafox.me. They are both good sites to read manga. But those two don't just have manga. If te also enjoy manhwa and manhua they have them too. So they don't just have manga. Sadly not every manga at mangahere and mangafox have all the volumes and chapters the manga te want to read is there, but other sites may not have it too.

So in conclusion I recommend people to read manga at mangahere and mangafox. te may not be persuaded o te may not want to read your mangas there but at least I told te two sites that I recommend people to read at. If the sites have più viewers and people then they can have più people to rate mangas. Leggere manga online te will see pages telling te they need translaters. Well if te read in mangahere and mangafox te see that in a lot of mangas/ manhwas/ and manhuas. Please consider to also translate so volumes and chapters can come out faster and people won't have to leave commenti like "please update" o complain "I waited years for this to update." te could read the raws but te wouldn't know what they are saying. Anyways I recommend mangahere and mangafox :)