These characters are amazing.
Hi everyone, I would Amore to write about my favourite manga comic libri that I grew up with.

Rave Master

The story is very much like Lord of the Rings, because it's like 2 ordinary protagonists who go on a quest to destroy the catalyst of evil. In this case, Haru goes on a quest to destroy the Dark Bring and his evil counterpart, Lucia. It also has a happy ending in which Haru and Elie get married together.

Sailor Moon

I only collected the Sailor Moon S movie manga book, and it was in Malay. I Amore the story as it also about true Amore and teamwork, we get to see Luna the cat turn into a human for one scene and she declares her Amore for Kakeru, who nurses her back while she was a cat earlier in the story.

Samurai X/ Rurouni Kenshin

I Amore Japanese culture and I am very blessed to see the mostra in English when it was broadcast here in Malaysia. I also got to see the movie first and I only read the first book sadly!

Manga Love

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