Pancakes! >:D
This is the secondo part to the manga I'm creating a plot for! I hope te like it! *By the way, I can't draw to save my life, so if anyone has some freetime that wants to maybe create my characters for me, That'd be awesome props and Amore for you! :) Anyway thank te for reading, tell me what te think.

Sunday morning.

“Get up, Wakahisa-kun!” I heard a shout from down stairs. My eyes fluttered open slowly. I sat up and rubbed my eyes then looked around the room.

“Yeah, yeah…” I mumbled to myself. Then I got dressed in a white camicia and blue button up, I left the button up open and rolled up the sleeves. Put on some regular dark denim jeans then went downstairs, scratching the back of my head and yawning.

“Pancakes!” She yelled at the superiore, in alto of her lungs. I was so shocked my eyes bugged out of my head. I smirk then laugh. I haven’t had pancakes, pancake in years.

“No way. Awesome.” I said, sitting down on the leather backed sgabello at the island in the middle of the kitchen. She smiled then put down a stack of 3 pancakes, pancake with a fragola and syrup on them in front of me. I smiled at the plate of food.

“Thanks, Kita.” I said, hoping it was okay to call her that. Then I started to dig in to my pancakes. I detto ‘Wow’ with my mouth full and a lot of syrup drooled out of my mouth. Kita laughed at me then handed me a napkin. I swallowed my Cibo then wiped my mouth.

“Where’d te learn to cook like that Kita?” I asked, completely amazed because Grandpa couldn’t cook anything. So basically I’ve been surviving on instant noodles my entire life. I grumbled at the thought of having noodles again.

“My dad taught me before he passed away. I used to live with him.” She said, smiling as she washed a plate in the sink. It seems like she was remembering times with him so I kept quiet and munched on the last of my pancakes. I finished then took my plate over to the sink and washed it.

“Oh Wakahisa-kun! I have an idea! How about we go out shopping? I need some new clothes since I didn’t have much at the foster.” She detto enthusiastically.

Shopping? Huh. Alright.

“Fine.” I detto shrugging and smiling.

“On one condition.” She detto as I began to walk to put my shoes on.

Condition? I make a face, one eyebrow up.

“And that would be…” I replied, waiting for an answer.

“You have to bring your violin! Please, Wakahisa-kun.” She detto throwing her arms in the air then jumping. I made an agitated face. Why do I have to bring my violin? I’m not playing for people, am I?

“Do I have to play it?” I ask, half-heartedly, because I already know the answer.

“Only if te want, but te have to bring it.” She says, while she slips on her white sandals, she’s wearing a white prendisole, sundress today.

“Uggh.” I mumble then I run upstairs and get my violin slinging it over my shoulder in its black case.

At the outlet mall

“Alright where to fir--” I detto before being dragged da Kita to a store with guys clothes in it. Don’t tell me she’s shopping for me…
“Kita, I don’t need anything. Let’s go get te some clothes.” I said, in a cool headed voice.

“But Wa--”

“No buts, come on, we came here to negozio for you.” I said, dragging her da her arm to a store I saw with girl’s shirts in it. She finally gives in and shops for herself. We go to thirteen different stores and buy about six items from each. I’m going to be broke…

Hey, don’t people usually give money for strada, via performances? What if I played my violin? But, what if they don’t like it? Auugh… Ah, well, let’s give it a go.

“Kita, I’m going to play, can we set our stuff down on that bench?” I ask. This mall was surprisingly beautiful. A huge fontana in the middle and a cobble stone path along it and around it. The mall is like a indoor flea market. Hm.

I set down my violin case and get my violin out, then I turn the violin case to face the people. I stand up, take a few breaths then begin to play Canon in D major. Again, it feels like the Musica takes over my body. I sway slowly, in tune with the music. I close my eyes and smile, and continue to play. The bow flows elegantly against the strings as my fingers pad gently against the wood. It makes me happy to play this violin because it feels as though I’m playing for my mother. Even if I’m not successivo to her, it feels like shes standing in front of my smiling and swaying with the Musica just as I do. As Canon comes to an end I stay silent for a moment, then I open my eyes.

Tons of people had gathered around me, and now they were clapping. I blushed, I’m not used to all this attention at all. But instead of laughing I bow, violin and bow in hand. It felt great to play Canon, so I decide to play another song. I place my bow on the strings and begin to ring out the song Ave Maria. I sway slower this time, and I do not smile. I close my eyes and think of my mother.

I heard clang and rustle as money was thrown into my case. I was happy people enjoyed my music. I was even surprised how much I enjoyed it. I think I want to play again some day, mother.
I bow to the people again, then I begin to pack up. But then a young woman, maybe in her late twenties.

“Sir, that was beautiful! Please don’t stop playing yet, I have just one request.” She says, all hyped up.

“And what would your request be?” I asked politely.

“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in G major, please sir.” She says to me. I haven’t heard that one in awhile. I hope I can still play it.

“I’ll do my best, madam.” I say, then I bow slightly.

I begin to play, but as I play I smile so wide, I begin to slightly chuckle. I play a bit fast, but then I regain control and play as I am supposed to. My black hair bounces on my head as I sposta back and forth with the music. The song comes to and end, and I bow, once again. Everyone claps and adds più money to my case. Many of them thank me and some of them were crying and smiling and hiccupping.

I turn around to see Kita crying and smiling.

“Kita… Kita, how did te like it?” I asked, while putting my violin away and counting the money. Thirty-five bucks. Not bad for three songs.

“That was amazing! Once again, that beautiful Musica moves me.” She says through tears. I smile at her then say

“Let’s go.” We start walking off. We exit the mall and walk down the dark strada, via to the bus stop.

We hear the flapping of a leather cappotto above us. Then suddenly a guy about my age, about 17, just appears out of the air. He’s wearing a long brown duster with a gun hitched to his thigh. His hair is pure white, short and spikey. His eyes a deep green, stared at me and Kita.

“Hello there.” He waved, normally too.

“What do te want?” I asked, defensive.

“Oh nothing.” He says then he disappears into thin air, again.

Once he leaves I feel something fall on my head, something small and light. Like paper. I grab it and bring it to the front of me. It was a clear plastic card, with my picture on it, like a driver’s license. My name, age, and occupation. On the back it looked like a business card. It had a number on it, and the word call at the bottom. successivo to the number was a small picture of an older man, his name, Tamaki, was etched below his picture. Above the number were the words 'N.P, National Protection'.

“What?” I say aloud, then I look over at Kita, she’s also holding a plastic card. Then she looks at me.

“What is this, Wakahisa-kun?” She asks sheepishly. Both of us are extremely confused.

“I dunno, Kita.” I say, then suddenly I hear a loud ‘Bang!’ like someone hitting a pole with another metal pole. I put my hands over my ears and grimace.

“Heh, so he was right, te can hear it.” I heard a husky voice say. Then appears out of the shadow of some bushes da the sidewalk a man. He has dark oro hair and an eye patch. He’s wearing a very light yellow suit with a green shirt, holding a cigar.

“Time to die, kiddies.” He said, almost kindly. I drop all the shopping bags I was carrying and let my violin down. I get into a fighting stance in front of Kita.

“What do te want with us?” I say darkly.

He says nothing but comes charging at me. My first instinct was to punch, punzone him straight in the face, but I saw his punch, punzone was coming from below. So, I moved my footing position and angled myself then I lifted my leg quick and fast, kicking him in the jaw. He stumbles back but continues to charge me. This time he looks like he’s just running at me, so I have the impression he’s just going to bulldoze me, but then I see his fists ball up at his sides. As soon as he’s a couple feet away I turn a full ninety degrees and punch, punzone him in his side, cracking one of his ribs. He falls to the sidewalk, but quickly recovers.

What is this guy a machine? He’s not even acknowledging his own pain!

He gets up slowly wiping blood from the corner of his mouth, then he reaches for his pocket, only to pull out a knife, it has an onyx handle and a very sharp silver blade that is about a foot long. I think to myself stupidly, How’d that fit in his pocket?

He pulls his arm back and throws the knife, I hadn’t been expecting it so I moved too slow. It caught me in the shoulder and ripped down almost slicing my collare bone if half. But, the coltello began to retreat, then only did I realize there was a chain attached to it’s hilt. Mister Eye patch pulls the chain from where he’s standing and catches the blade in his hands.

I grimace in pain but I still watch him carefully, he’s about to throw the coltello again, it’s heading straight for my chest, just before it hits me it goes slightly off course and slices my side. I yell in pain and jump to the side, so the coltello wouldn’t catch me on it’s way back to Mister Eye Patch. Then I see Kita throw a heavy bag on the chain. She charges the man, but at the last secondo she swivels to the side and kicks him in his area. He screams and goes down, while he’s writhing on the floor I grab the coltello and clumsily toss it to Kita, who puts it to the mans throat while he’s on the ground.

“Now, tell me! What do te want?” She yells, commandingly in her wild tone. I was amazed, I didn’t think Kita knew how to do all this. While my eyes were bugging out my head and my head was throbbing and my shoulder and side were leaking of my blood…

“Looks like te caught me.” He said, spitting out blood. At that moment I thought only two words. ‘No, duh?’

“Call that number young lady.” He detto before turning to… sand. His clothes were on the ground but his entire body was now sand, it was splayed across the road flying every where with the wind.

Hospital, 9:46 pm

“What was he? Who was he?” I asked myself. Wakahisa-kun got hurt badly da him, I hope he’s okay. Sitting in the waiting room makes me anxious, so I go up and ask the nurse if I can see Wakahisa-kun. She says

“Yes, te may see him, he might be sleeping though.” I thanked the nurse then headed to his room.

He was lying still in his bed, the covers up to his waist, his camicia was off and he looked to be sweating badly. His eyes were closed, his brow furrowed. His black hair was soaking wet, it covered most of his face. I sat in the chair successivo to his bed, my hands were shaking and I felt cold as ice. My head dropped into my hands. Why did this happen? And who were those people? There has to be reason for this. I pull out the plastic card and look at the man named Tamaki on the back. For some reason, I feel like I’ve seen him before…

“Kita?” Wakahisa-kun whispered in a dry voice. He was breathing heavily.

“Yeah? What do te need Wakahi--”

“Call me Ryuu.” He said. I was shocked, I guess this did make us a bit closer. His eyes were still closed and his brow was even più furrowed now. I get up and brush his hair from his forehead, thinking it was bothering him. It would bother me, that’s for sure.

When I touched him he let out his breath in relief. Huh?

“You’re so cold, and thanks.” He detto quietly.

“Sure.” I said, then I sat back down.

“I’m sorry for today, Ryuu.” I detto even quieter than he did.

“It’s okay.” He opened his eyes and smiled at me. Relief showered me, at least he’s able to smile.

Will Ryuu continue to play for others on his violin? What does the N.P want with Ryuu and Emiko? What will Grandpa have to say about what happened?! Find out in the successivo chapter! o don’t and make me cry. :(
Meh, this is scary.