secondo part of 'The Violinist'. I hope te enjoy it! commento if te can! :)

Home, 7:14 am

Kita helps me through the front door, my arm slung over her sohulder, me limping. We see Grandpa walking back and forth in the living room, in front of the television.

“Ryuu! Emiko! What happened? I got a call from the hospital, and they detto that te were being stitched up!” He cried out, small tears came from his eyes. Kita walked me over to him.

“Yeah, we have to talk to te about something.” I said, looking at Kita, she nodded then helped me sit on the divano successivo to her. Grandpa sat in ‘his’ chair, he kept running his hand through his hair and biting his lip.

We explained the strange white haired guy, the cards, and the man who attacked us. Including every detail.

At first Grandpa looked angry then confused. We showed him the cards and he gasped softly, then he asked

“Well, are te going to call the number?” He asked, anxiously. Bouncing his knee and sitting up in his chair.

“I guess we could do that…” I detto cautiously, I looked at the card and kept flipping it over and over, Leggere everything twice.

I get out my cell phone and flip it open, then dial the number slowly. I put it to my ear and I hear it ring. Then I hear a robotic voice say

“Say your name.” The voice was dark, I could tell that it was a male’s.

“Ryuu Wakahisa.” I say softly, into the phone.

“Transporting, Ryuu Wakahisa.” The voice says, then I hear a loud beep and then I black out…

Home, 7:47 am

Ryuu’s body falls sideways onto me. His neck laying on my shoulder, his body felt limp and dead. His cuore was beating fast and his breath came out long and deep. His eyes were closed, and he looked at peace. Who could sleep at a time like this?!

“Ryuu?! Ryuu?” I say, shaking him. His body continues to stay limp on my shoulder.

“Grandpa, what happened?!” I yell, still shaking Ryuu. It must be the phone… I frantically pick it up and dial the number on the card. The phone rings for a long time, until I hear a robotic man’s voice on the other end. He speaks clearly and darkly.

“Say your name.” Wha--? My name? What’s this got to do with it? Oh, now that I remember Ryuu detto his name too…

“Emiko Kita.” I detto very, very slowly. Waiting for a huge electrical shock to run through me. But instead I hear a ear drum shattering beep. Then my eyes close before me and my mind runs blank.


“Man, my head hurts…” I say loudly. Hey, where’s Kita and Grandpa? I look around me slowly. I’m in some sort of lobby. And everything is white, the tile beneath my feet the counter a few feet away, the stairs successivo to the counter. The only color in the room is me. I’m now wearing a black suit with a white undershirt and a pointless white tie. My phone is still in my hand… but damn, my head hurts…

I hear some sort of wind swish beside me. Then successivo to me appears Kita in a black dress, with a satin white scarf around her neck. She didn’t really appear, she materialized out of the air, like she was downloaded… I wonder if the same thing happened to me.

“Yo.” I say calmly, not knowing what else to do.

“Yeah, hi, where are we?” She asked putting her hands on her hips.

“Well, we called the N.P number so… is this like their Headquarters?” I say, then I hear a ton of wind in my ears and I close my eyes and cover my ears. Finally the wind stops but there’s still a ring in my ear. I open one eye to see lot’s of people in the same attire as me and Kita. I look at her, she has her mouth open and she’s staring and everything. The people were caring papers and suit cases everywhere. It’s like everything was a frantic rush.

“Whoa…” I mutter.

The click clack of heels against the tile resounded in my ear and the slap of men’s shoes against the floor vibrate in my feet. I heard papers being rustled, and suit cases being set down, people sitting in the large white Victorian couches that I realized were to my right.

Then my rational mind kicks in and I say out loud

“What is this a sci fi movie?” I shrug then make a face and look around. I notice there’s a man at the scrivania, reception I saw earlier, he was arranging papers and stamping them with ink. He had a clean cut black hair and he wore glasses, he has dark brown eyes the kept moving at inhuman speed to look at papers and stamp them. I walk up to him and ask

“Excuse me, but where am I?” It sounded stupid, but I really needed to know.

He doesn’t even look up, yet he says

“State your name.” Ugh, this stupid name thing again… Let’s hope I don’t black out from a random tazer attack…

“Ryuu Wakahisa.” I say, annoyed. I stare at him, frowning and furrowing my brow.

Then he pulls out a tiny laptop from below the scrivania, reception and types something.

“You’re unregistered. May I see your card?” Huh? He knew about my card? Well, it was in my pocket the last time I had it… I reach into my tux pocket and there it was my plastic card that fell from the sky. I hand him the card and he swipes it on the side of the computer. Then he hands it back to me.

“Uh, okay, now what?” I ask him loudly. He stops in ‘mid-stamp’ to look at me straight in the eye. Then he makes an agitated face and states

“Third floor, room one thirteen. Go, use the elevator.” I look at Kita who was standing successivo to me the entire time and pull her arm, because she was staring at everything behind her. She follows slowly, her black heels clacking loudly.

I press the Arrow on the bacheca and wait for the elevator to open, then me and Kita walk in and I press the one thirteen button. We wait… and wait… and wait…

“Is this thing broken?” Kita asks, very annoyed, having waited an ora to get off at a stop that’s supposed to be two stories above us.

“I hope not, maybe---” I start, but then the doors open to reveal a hall way, with white tile, white walls and a bunch of doors along both sides of the walls. Each door had a number on it in roman numerals in the middle. Crap. I don’t know how to read these…

“Uh… Do te know how to read roman numerals?” I ask, staring at one of the doors. As I stare, the roman numeral changes into some foreign language, and then another language, and then comes up the number 102. Weird…

“Freaky! Let’s find room one thirteen!” She squeals as she gleefully skips down the hall. I mumble to myself as I slowly follow her, I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming, I passed out on the divano o something…

Kita stops at a door, then looks at me, I’m halfway down the hallway. I keep glancing at all the doors and the floor, basically I’m stalling.

“Hurry up, Ryuu…” She whines in her strong voice.

“Fine.” I walk up successivo to Kita and look at the door.

“This the one?” I ask, since the number was currently foreign.

“Yep, let’s go in.” She says all happy like, laughing.

“Al--right.” I detto very enthusiastically. I turn the door knob and push the door open slowly.

What we find inside is something te won’t believe even for a dream.

Will Ryuu believe what’s happening is reality? Will Kita and Ryuu stay to listen to what’s waiting for them in room one thirteen? Find out in the successivo chapter! o not, and make me cry!:(