Light farfalla Pokemon
Grass/Bug (some Thunder and Poison)
the light legendary farfalla of this region, no one knows where she lives. she's rarely seen and never seen in the same place twice. if u c her it's detto 2 bring good luck and a long life, according 2 legends

Dark farfalla Pokemon
Dark/Bug/Grass (some Ghost and Dragon)
the dark legendary farfalla of this region, no one knows where he lives. he's rarely seen and never seen in the same place twice. if u c him it's detto 2 mean ur death is coming soon and it will b a violent one, according 2 legends

Air Dragon Pokemon
Flying/Dragon (some Water and Electric)
this dragon is detto to be one of the 4 helpers of Negi Akh. he was to look for a main land from the air.

Flaming Feather Pokemon
Fire/Air (some thunder and grass)
this flaming bird was the one of Akh's helpers that found the dragon region and the 2 sleeping dragons

Water Dragon Pokemon
one of the pokemon Negi was detto to have sent in cerca of a main land. he was to cerca da the seas.

Earth Dragon Pokemon
Ground/rock/dragon (some fighting and steal)
this dragon was sent da Negi to cerca the land.

Flame Caterpiller
the fuoco starter pokemon. flames burst from all the joints, the area around the neck especially. some call it the lion of the bugs, both because of it's "mane" of flames and it's temper and courage

Flaming Cocoon
Evolves from: Pyryme
no one knows what this pokemon's true form is because it's always surrounded da flames. however, they r not hot if the pokemon likes u. name means Shift

fuoco Butterfly
Evolves from: Amoveo
Name means Fire, it's wings r pure flames and so often shifting. it's one of the only farfalle (if not THE only 1) who doesn't have the same design on each wing.

Leaf Nose
this starter pokemon is best known 4 it's leaf shaped head and diviso, spalato tail. it's tiny legs look like rose thorns and it's leaf anteni shrivel when thirsty. it's whole body changes colori with the seasons. name means Leaf

Thorn Ball
Evolves from: Folium
name means Change. this pokemon is totally covered in thorn vines

Leaf Butterfly
Evolves from: Abeo
Name means Green, this pokemon's wings change with the seasons.

Crystal Waters
this starter pokemon is the most often picked cos it's the cutest 2 most. it's thought the ice horns on it's head work più as ears then anteni

Ice Cocoon
Evolves from: Wyrm
this pokemon is hard as crytal and cold as ice. sadly it has little self control and likes 2 tackle things, often sticking 2 them because of it's cold shell. name means Ice

Ice Wing Butterfly
Evolves from: Glacies
this pokemon's wings r made of ice. so, naturally, it hates hot places.

The Rest of Them:
Calla Lily Pokemon
Grass/bug (can learn a select few electric moves)
Generally peaceful, they're no bigger then the palm of a grown man's hand. they only live in the darkest part of caves and ruins where they float about and glow in swarms. only when they r made angry will they attack with their cape open to mostra that, what looks like a single piece closed, is actually 3 pieces. the light comes from a glowing sphere hidden in their capes. no one knows what their body looks like because as soon as they die they become glowing green sparkles which is detto 2 bring good luck.

fuoco Gator Pokemon
Fire/Water/Ice (some Ground and Electric)
males have più green on them then females (pictured here, a female) have extremely powerful jaws, they can brake a stone to nothing but sand in one bite. they only live in lakes and ponds in caves. the light on their heads is also a super-sensitive antenna. while high level ones can learn to use their fins as wings, the rest can glide on them when they gain enough speed and shoot out of the water. the spots on it's fins are detto to be used to scare other pokemon and people.

fuoco were-croc pokemon
Fire/Water/Ice (some Fighting, Ground, and Electric)
Evolved from: Muggator
about the size of a large man, these huge crocs resemble closely were-crocs. While mostly only males evolve, at rare times a female will. This is only detto 2 happen when the female is as strong as o stronger then all the males in the pool. Once evolved, the light disappears from its head. It still is a high sensitive antennae but this pokemon no longer needs a light because it's eyes become heat-sensitive once it evolves.

Gray lupo Pokemon
Fire/Rock (some Steal)
a rare pokemon because, just like real wolves, they come in many different colors. most commen is gray and they live in packs. they r very loyal and will stick 2 their trainers no matter what. they only live in mountains and other cold places

Angel pokemon
not much is known about this rare pokemon.

Snap Plant Pokemon
Poison/Grass (some bug)
the rarest eevee evolution because it can only happen at a certain mese depending on the eevee. it must also b poisoned and at the stone that evolves them into leafeon. the same size and least known of all eevee evolves, most don't even know it exists. the only known trainer with one is Suzzana.

Steel evolution
Steel/Rock (some Thunder)
the steel evolution of Eevee and one of the least known, it was discovered the same anno as Vinceen.

Dragon Evolution
Dragon/Fire/Flying (some Thunder)
Dragon Evolution of Eevee, very little is known about it. It's detto that, on the rare times Eevee evolve into this pokemon, they go insane because of the sudden increase in power and how much is dato 2 them. However, if it's owned da a person (which is even più unlikely as very few humans know they exist) they might have a chance because they'd have someone 2 help them.

Flying Evolution
the Flying Eevee evolution, this little Angel is detto 2 bring good luck 2 any trainer who manages 2 get his/her Eevee 2 evolve into it

Fighting Evolution
Fighting (some Rock, Ground, and Fire)
not many can figure out how this pokemon grows. Though it is an Eevee evolution, it's about 3 times as big as the others (with the exception of Ghouleon) the guanto on it's tail is the size of most of their heads.

Rock Evolution
Rock/Ground (some Electric)
the crystals on it's back and tail shed every anno and grow bigger once they grow back. This is actually how it was discovered. Someone found the crystals and took them 2 a lab. The scientists were stumped and the crystals were ignored for the longest time. Eventually an Eevee found them and wouldn't give them up. The trainer thought nothing of it and the professor detto he could keep them. The trainer only trained in the day, hoping 4 an Espeon. But, when Eevee did evolve, it was into a Crysteon. The only way 2 get a Crysteon is 2 train an Eevee like u want an Espeon only holding a shed gem from a Crysteon.

Insect Evolution
Bug/Grass (some Dark)
not much is known about the bug type Eevee. it's the smallest of them all, only growing about 3 inches bigger then the Eevee it starts as. It's detto the only 2 Eevee evolutions it gets along with r Leafeon and Vinceen.

Ground Evolution
Ground/Rock (some Steel and Dark)
the light in the center of it's forehead is used 4 seeing while tunneling, even though it's detto 2 have the best night vision of all Eevee evolutions other then Umbreon. It helps people out of caves, but doesn't let itself be seen. Instead, what it does is lure people into one of the caves it's dug and disappears, making sure that they stay on the right path.

Ghost Evolution
the second-largest Eevee evolution, they tend 2 befriend Digeen and help get people out of the caves. No one knows much about them because they can be totally invisible o only partly visible. Sometimes people find the silvery strands that surround them, however as soon as someone o something touches them they dissipate.

Bleeding cuore Pokemon
this pokemon resembles a Bleeding cuore Flower, only much much bigger...only females evolve

Open cuore Pokemon
Grass/Bug (some Fighting)
Evolves from: Harflower
an open Bleeding cuore Flower, this pokemon doesn't like 2 fight unless it has 2. it likes better 2 sing and dance.

Sea tartaruga Pokemon
this pokemon is about the size of a Mantine and sticks 2 the sea surrounding Hes Hesep.

Ghost Kit Pokemon
this small-ish ghost cat is made of fuoco and protoplasm. the flames it's made of r not hot IF the pokemon likes u. however, this pokemon tends 2 Amore everyone.

Spirit Cat Pokemon
Evolves from: Whiskat
the size of the average 8 anno old, this fiery cat looses it's Amore 4 everyone and becomes loyal 2 only one person o pokemon. Very few times will it become attached 2 più then one and usually the one is whoever was around most as a Whiskat

Blue Flame Spirit
Evolves from: Panthyoew
only females, this cat is about the size of a 16 anno old human. They tend 2 b a bit più people friendly then their pre-evolution, but not much.

Spirit Lion
only males, they're very protective and very large. They're bigger then Arcanine da about a foot and they're più solid then Panthyoew, but only if they want 2 be.

delfino Pokemon
living free in all oceans, the professors r not sure y none of the other regions have found them. They believe, however, that they staid so deep in the water that they wouldn't b found because they don't like places away from home

Lone Wolf
Rock/Ground (some Steel)
most of the time when u find one you'll find more, however the Alphas will almost never be seen.

Stinging Tadpole
Water/Poison (some Ground)
this small tadpole burrows into the bottom of ponds 2 get away from predators.

Bladed Frog
Water/Ice/Poison (some Ground)
Evolves from: Blapole
this frog is about the size of a Polywhirl and tends 2 like people

Bladed Frog
Water/Ice/Poison (some Ground and Fighting)
Evolves from: Toader
this frog is the size of a Polytoad standing up, however it has very bad balance and tends 2 stick 2 hoping on all fours.

Bladed Frog
Water/Ice/Poison (some Ground and Fighting)
Evolves from: Toader
the rarest of the 2 evolutions, no ones quite sure y some of them evolve into this but it's detto 2 be the darkest of the 2 evolutions. That may have something 2 do with it....

Dragon Dog
this pokemon looks like Drageon 2 some extent and r sometimes confused with them. However, this pokemon is slightly less rare then Drageon

Sea lontra Pokemon
this lontra is the size of the average human 5 anno old, but tends 2 shy away from young trainers. (even though trainers with at least 2 badges o ribbons can find them with no problem) no one knows how they can tell about the trainers so well.

Giant Otter
Evolves from: Otteryu
gaining strength upon evolution, this large pokemon is the size of a 16 anno old human and tends 2 get along best with teenage trainers. They also tend 2 like a human sports (here, golf) and be better then most humans at it. They also usually like 2 mostra off.

Giant Otter
Evolves from: Ottaya
mastering whichever Marshal Arts the trainer teaches it, they are detto 2 be able 2 learn 5 different types. With each type taught they can learn dif. Moves depending on the type.

furetto pokemon
this pokemon is skittish and tends 2 run from all people unless it has no choice

vespa topo, mouse Pokemon
Ground/Flying/Bug (some Electric and Poison)
this small pokemon carries poison in its stingers on either side of its tail, which it uses like a whip 2 sting opponents. Because of this, they have really strong tails

banded squirrel
Ground/Fire (some Dark)
when scared, it straightens up and shows it's stomach where it's pelliccia looks like a giant face 2 scare away predators. If that doesn't work, the spikes growing from its shoulder blades start 2 glow and build up heat 2 be used as fire

Pigeon Pokemon
this pokemon tends 2 hang around cities that r near mountains and isn't afraid of anything made da humans.

avvoltoio Pokemon
Flying (some dark and ghost)
Evolves from: Vaytal
living mainly in mountains, this pokemon tends 2 not fear humans, so much as not like them. Very few humans can become Friends with one and they tend not 2 obey once caught unless the trainer can manage 2 get though to them.

Owl Pokemon
Flying/Psychic (some dark and ghost)
Evolves from: Voltar
this wise pokemon hates all humans unless u get through 2 it and mostra it u r pure. It's the size of the average human in height. They usually stay in forests near mountains.

Serpent Insect
small bugs that live in water, this pokemon was thought 2 be extinct until a huge swarm of it's evolved form Hoppel swarmed Feildveiw about 10 years ago. Now it's considered bad luck 2 have either of them in Feildveiw

Armored cavalletta Pokemon
Evolves from: Crall
living in swarms, these pokemon hate being alone very long, even though they r the size of a mid-sized dog.

Fighting Mantis
Evolves from: Hoppel
the mantis uses the face on its wings 2 scare predators that it knows r stronger then it. Some of the stronger ones also have poison in their stingers (both of them)

Silver Fish
some-what small, this pesce tends 2 live in huge schools

barracuda Pokemon
Water/Ice/Dark (some Ghost)
Evolves from: Finnal
quick and agile, this pokemon has extremely strong scales and sharp teeth

squalo Pokemon
Water/Ice/Dark (some Ghost)
Evolves from: Craze
a fairly large pokemon, the lure growing from it's eye is used 2 attract prey 2 it

Monkey Pokemon
this relatively small monkey has a diviso, spalato tail and, with it, a diviso, spalato personality.

Great Ape Pokemon
Evolves from: Monakay
this ape is very strong and usually calm. However, some have very short fuses.

babbuino Pokemon
Evolves from: Apell
this babbuino is the size of a human standing up but it doesn't stand up on it's hind legs much. Usually it runs on all 4s.

2 Headed Rattle Snake
Grass/Poison/Ground (some Dark)
an odd looking pokemon for it has 2 heads and 2 tails.

Duel Hooded Cobra
Grass/Poison/Ground (some Dark)
Evolves from: Rateller
2 heads and 2 tails, this pokemon can shoot venom from both sets of fangs with deadly accuracy. Rarely does it miss it's target.

Triple Snake Pokemon
Grass/Poison/Ground (some Dark)
Evolves from: Cobreya
it has one tail but now 3 heads, each carrying a dif. Venom with dif. Affects and strengths depending on the pokemon.

Sea colomba Pokemon
this small, energetic bird lives most anywhere there's water.

gru Pokemon
Evolves from: Crayar
large and elegant, this pokemon likes swamps and rivers best.

balena Pokemon
this rare and beautiful pokemon is as big as a Whalord.

Baby Dinosaur
Ground/Rock (some Fighting)
the name litterally meaning Tiny, this small power-house packs a punch

Fast Dinosaur
Evolves From: Vegrandis
"Frons" means brown. this huge, speedy dino can out run most every pokemon with it's large and powerful back legs. shown here it's holding up a Craze it caught in the water (Craze r the size of the largest known real Barracuda, over 100 pounds and about 6 feet long)

Giant Dino
Evolves from: Fronsaur
"Igens" means huge and it really lives up to that name.

Razor Beak
name means "Sharp"

Razor Beak and Claws
Evolves from: Silicis
name means "Sharp"

Razor Beak and Claws
Evolves from: Acidus
name means "Sharp"

ragno Evolution Pokemon
means "Spider" this pokemon has 5 evolutions depending on what plate it's holding during training.

Evolutions of Araña:
Flame Spider
means "Fire" holding flame o Electric plate

Ice Spider
means "Ice" holding Ice o Water plate

Steel Spider
means "Steel" holding Steel, Rock, o Ground plate

Poison Spider
means "Poison" holding Toxic o erba plate

Ghost Spider
means "Ghost" holding Ghost, Dragon, o Dark plate

Dragon Caterpiller pokemon
bug/dragon/fire/grass (some poison)
this odd, yet cute pokemon is extreamly rare and detto only 2 appear 2 the most skilled trainers.

Folded Wing Cacoon pokemon
Evolves from: Dracopillar
bug/dragon/fire/grass (some poison)
this pokemon is even più rare then it's pre-evolved form. it's detto when it evolves all that it does is open it's wings that r sealed shut.

farfalla dragon pokemon
Evolves from: Dracoon
bug/dragon/fire/grass (some poison)
this pokemon is almost never seen in the wild. however, it would b a prize for any dragon o farfalla pokemon collector. o anyone who loves rare pokemon

Small Phoenix Pokemon
Fire/Flying (Some Thunder)
this "Small" pokemon is actually about the size of a full grown Ferrow and packs più of a punch.

Flying Flame Pokemon
Evolves from: Ember
Fire/Flying (Some Thunder)
this pokemon isn't much bigger then it's pre-evolution but it is....hotter. the once green tail feathers burst into flames in this evolution but some of it still stayed green.

Crowned Phoenix Pokemon
Evolves from: Emerbasia
Fire/Flying (Some Thunder)
the crowned fuoco bird, only females get the glorious crown shown in this picture. males only have part of it.

cavalletta lucertola Pokemon
Flying/Grass/Bug (Some Ground and Poison)
this pokemon is highly unknown despite it being really common AND slightly a pest....they're about twice the size of a Sparrow and tend to eat them along with most any other pokemon it can fit in it's mouth...and several it can't.... suffocation is the main cause of death for this pokemon simply because his eyes r bigger then his stomach...

Grain Snake Pokemon
Evolves From: Craya
Flying/Grass/Bug/Poison (Some Ground and Dragon)
twice the size of an Arbok, it's detto that it's pre-evolution has 2 eat so much to grow into this skin.

Insect Dragon Pokemon
Evolves From: Grane
bigger then a Flygon, this dragon fly winged serpent type dragon thing (they donno what it is! XD) is extremely rare, especially in the wild. it's detto only the alpha in the area can evolve and the alphas are almost never seen.