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posted by HoltNLucy4Ever
I Amore Maddison because Maddison is an amazing couple just like Derek and Meredith. They have dealt with so much as a couple. I loved their scenes together in "Yesterday" plus I feel like they are a great couple. I feel like the moment in "Oh, The Guilt" where Mark tells Addison that her angry divorcee thing is sexy was great. Everytime Mark and Addison have sex, I loved watching them together. I wanted Addison to leave with Mark when he told her that Derek loved Meredith and not her. "He doesn't Amore you. He's in Amore with that intern." I believe that Mark and Addison's relationship was a...
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posted by SunnyDevil
Because he flew to Seattle twice just to be w/ her
Because she's not guilty anymore (from Oh, The Guilt)
Because they lived together in NY
Because he wanted a room on the same floor as hers
Because they are far from being over
Because he didn't go back to NY
Because it was not all just about sex
Because they are a beautiful destaster
Because it wasnt a game
Because "He Did"
Because She's worth it
Because they're both THAT good. Especially together
Because we all know they make the best kind of dirty.