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Chloe rolled her eyes. "Riley, this certificate represents promptness, class participation, and good work habits. If I keep this up, I'm going to get a reputation!" "Oh, yeah, I can see it now," Riley joked. "Written on the bacheca in the boys' locker room: For a good example, call Chloe." "Real funny," Chloe moaned. "Look--you have a free period now. Come eat with me. I need moral support. "Okay," Riley agreed. "I don't have to study for a test. Besides, we can talk about the party. They headed down to the cafeteria, quickly bought their lunch, and found a seat.

"Good citizen award," Chloe muttered,...
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Meet the doubly delightful OLSEN TWINS!
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen "Play" Full House's Baby Michelle!

She's adorable, huggable, and oh-so-loveable -she's Full House's little Michelle Tanner. Actually, she's Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the darling twins who portray Michelle on the hilarious Friday night sitcom. In case te didn't know, child actor labor laws restrict young children to recitazione a limited number of hours a week, so twins are often cast to portray one character. Mary Kate and Ashley have been playing the role of Michelle since they were nine months old. If te watch...
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 Looking for my Phoenix
Looking for my Phoenix


Chapter 1
"Roxy, here comes your bus."
"Check it out, Is that cool o what!" I detto to Jane, bouncing up and down. I could hardly contain my excitement. I knew that from that particular point in time, my whole life was going to change.
There it was, gleaming in the late autumn sunshine, the Simple Plan Tour bus parked outside my house. The door opens with a swisshh and Justin saunters out looking every bit the Rock'N'roll manager with a dark T-shirt and matching denim giacca .
"Yo Rox, we gotta get going."
"Just a minute," I replied. I smiled at Jane who was on the front...
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First giorno of high school!
Abby: Hope we'll be popular!
Guy: Hey, it's the Parker sisters!
Girl: They are so cool!
Girl2: They're, like, the most popolare girls in school!
Girl3: They're, like, the most popolare girls ever!
Crowd: Parker! Parker! Parker! (etc...)
Principal: In order of they're courageous contribution to society, they're superior grades, and they're extremely fashionable footwear; I hear da declare today, to be Parker sisters day!
Crowd: (cheering)

Alarm goes off. Abby turn it off
Girls!? You're going to be late for cheerleading tryouts!
Maddie: Great dream!
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"Those are the cutest ski jackets I have ever seen!" Chloe Carlson exclaimed to her sister, Riley. "I think we should each get one."
Fourteen-year-old Chloe pictured herself in the arancia, arancio giacca that Riley was holding up. No, the silver one would look better with her hair. Of course, she and Riley had the exact same shade of blonde hair, not to mention the same blue eyes and the same complexion. Still, Chloe thought that the silver giacca suited her personality better.
Riley laughed. "That's a great idea. Except we came to the mall to do some last-minute Natale shopping, remember? For other...
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Open House

Vicious rivalries? Illicitsex?
Not exactly. Here's the dirt.

ONE anno AGO, the world was shocked - shocked - da Barry Williams' revelatory book, Growing Up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg. It was all there - Williams smoking pot before work, Florence Henderson joking about oral sex, Robert Reed brawling with the producers, and pairs of the kids fondling each other every time the tutor turned her back.
What if, 20 years from now, Full House's Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, write their memoirs - Growing Up Tanner: We Were Preschool Michelles? A week-long visit to the Full House set on...
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Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Are Dolls!

No Kidding! Here's Your Chance To Win A "Michelle" Doll!

Tune in to ABC-TV's Full House, and you'll probably find yourself "awwwing"over baby Michelle, played da twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Spunky four-year-old Michelle has been known to charm audience with a bat of her blue eyes and her adorable way of getting her point across. If you're a Michelle fan, then you'll be thrilled to know that te can now cuddle this sweetie seven days a week!
With Michelle, a talking doll from Meritus Industries, Inc., the wiles of the character have been immortalized....
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Full House Crisis

Michelle twins are bored with acting

FULL HOUSE cuties Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen are so bored with recitazione that shooting stops on the set until they are bribed with sweets o promised an afternoon of play.
The 5-year-old twins started sharing the role of Michelle when they were nine months old.
"They've played Michelle for so long they just get bored," says an insider on the set. "Ashley, the feisty one, will just stubbornly attraversare, croce her arms and pout. Then either Bob Saget o John Stamos will walk over to her and say, 'Ashley if te say your lines and play Michelle we'll give you...
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"Not to brag o anything," says 9-year-old Mary Kate Olsen, part-time fourth grader and full-time multimillionaire, "but I'm pretty tough.' Her twin sister, Ashley, would have to agree. "You don't want to get on her nerves," she says. "Sometimes she gets mad, and it's not a pretty sight." Fresh from a business meeting with their high-powered entertainment lawyer at his plush Century City, Calif., office, the two are lunching with him and a business associate at the L.A. theme restaurant Dive! And Mary Kate, unfazed da her sister's unflatterin discription, is digging into an enormous...
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To baciare o Not to Kiss...

Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Tween Queen Twins!
Your new best Friends have just arrived...

Mary-Kate has a great new hobby - acting!
She has the starring role in the successivo school play.
And she's thrilled to find out that her leading man will be Ross Lambert - a super sweet guy who just happens to be Ashley's big-time crush!

Ashley is excited for her sister--until she finds out that Mary-Kate has to baciare Ross onstage!
There's no way that's going to happen.
Not if Ashley can help it!

Heartbroken Full House twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen face the nightmare of being diviso, spalato up da a custody battle following their father's remarriage. "If they are separated it could leave emotional scars that would last a lifetime," a family friend told STAR. "But the judge may have to be Solomon." Insiders say the 9-year-olds, who jointly played Michelle Tanner on the hit sitcom, are devastated since dad David Olsen married his former secretary Mckenzie Taylor, 36 -and have taken opposite sides in the latest battle between their mother and father. They've even...
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Dance Fever

It's time for the big fall dance and everyone has a date-except Mary-Kate and Ashley!
Ashley wants to go with her boyfriend, Rick.
But he has a secret data with someone else!

Mary-Kate has a secret, too-a secret admirer.
But she can't figure out who he is!

Will Mary-Kate and Ashley solve their boy problems in time for the biggest party of the school year?
o will they miss out on the best dance ever?

Mary-Kate, Ashley, and their Friends are all psyched for the big school dance. Unfortunately, Mary-Kate doesn''t have a data yet, and Ashley''s nervous about her decision to run for Queen of the Dance.
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The Olsen twins of Full House are normal 7-years-olds, except they're rich, rich, rich!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the cute-beyond-measure, sparkle-eyed twins who share the role of Michelle on ABC's Full House, act just like any other 7-year-old girls. They are shy around strangers, giggly when left to themselves. They share secrets. They like ice cream and ponies and swimming-pool slides. And, like most little girls, they fidget when they're sleepy and pout when they're angry.
"I want a tiger, Daddy," Mary-Kate kept saying, over and over, squirming in the back sede, sedile of...
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What a blast! Ashley is having a sleepover--and Jennifer Dilber, the most popolare girl in school, is coming! Ashley works super-hard to make sure her party will be perfect. She doesn't want any surprises. But she gets a big surprise when the girls play Truth o Dare--and Mary-Kate tells Jennifer an amazing secret. A secret she's never even told Ashley...

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been huge international stars since the age of 9 months, when they shared the role of Michelle in the sit com FULL HOUSE. With videos, video games, CDs, dolls, books, a fashion line and a magazine already under their belts in the US, they are poised to take over the UK market in 2002.

Mary-Kate and Ashley unveil Wal-Mart line

Say goodbye to Martha Stewart; say ciao to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The Girls who got their start as attrici on the sitcom Full House as infants have since gone on to become the branding success story of the kids market, and they're only 15 years old. "We're excited to be launching our line of fashion, home and beauty products to Canadian girls," detto Mary-Kate yesterday at the news conference to announce that the line will appear at Wal-Mart stores across Canada da Mid-February. She and sister Ashley finished each...
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Christmas With The 'Full House' Twins

Every Natale Eve, Dave Olsen, Ashley and Mary Kate's Father, cuts sponges into the shape of footprints, dips them in flour and makes little elf prints on the floor throughout the house. Outside, on the front lawn of the handsome 5,800-square-foot home in San Fernando Valley, he puts down prints around a sled-shaped section of the lawn. "The kids still believe that if they don't go to sleep, Santa's helpers won't come," says Dave. But they don't sleep for long. At 5:30 Natale morning, Ashley and Mary Kate, 6, Elizabeth...
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It Takes Two To Play Prime Time's superiore, in alto Mopet

"Just swing your head back and be sexy," instructs the recitazione coach. "Can te be sexy? Come me how to be cool." On cue, the actress pops her head back, snaps her fingers and starts strutting.
No, we're not at the taping of another Jackie Collins miniseries. And the main character in this scene is no sex siren. She's 4-year-old Ashley Olsen who along with her twin sister, Mary Kate stars as cute, precocious Michelle Tanner on ABC's hit sitcom Full House. The series is about a widower (Bob Saget ) Raising his three kids with the help...
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Inside Their Strange World

They Built An Empire as Child Stars-then They Grew Up. Now, at 21 with Money to Burn, the Olsen Sisters Are Living in the Fast Lane-and Still Clinging to Each Other.

Even for die-hard New York City clubbers, it's a late night. But although it's nearly dawn, Mary-Kate Olsen is still going strong. The 21-year-old actress has been on her feet for hours at Manhattan hot spot Beatrice Inn, celebrating Valentine's giorno with her boyfriend, artist Nate Lowman, 29, drinking Stella Artois beers and vodka and sodas, chain-smoking Marlboro Reds and, every once in a while, ducking...
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Mary-Kate Olsen, exclusively on!

Despite the fact that she can't seem to avoid being in the tabloids, Mary-Kate Olsen has always been an intensely private person. Meet an inadvertent fashion icon:

"It's funny, recently I've done a few interviews where I've totally been myself and they couldn't get past the fact that I wore heels. Yes, I'm wearing heels! Headline: Wearing Heels, once again. I'm short; I like to wear heels; it makes my legs look longer (laughs). Sorry!" - Mary-Kate Olsen, exclusively on

Read the full story da Luke Crisell in NYLON's Dec/Jan issue.

Watch behind the scenes at Mary-Kate's cover shoot on link
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She is an actress, a designer and a fashion icon. Luke Crisell meets the very private Mary-Kate Olsen to discover what influences her unique sense of style.

The second-oldest cemetery in Manhattan is a small, well-maintained affair: the names of those interred here are inscribed on tablets lining the walls. Hazelnut trees dot the lawn. Once an undistinguished plot of land on the Lower East Side, the graveyard now abuts the tiled patio of a boutique hotel where Mary-Kate Olsen has decided we should meet. "I remember this place used to be so cool", she says, raising her eyes to the...
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