"Ugh, I can't believe they caught me. Also, they think Darby is hotter than ME? I won -374773 beauty pageants, I'm perfect."

Darby was at school.

She closed her locker and headed towards class.

Then she dropped all of her stuff.

Olivia came by.

She was too busy twerking to notice the books, so she slipped. After that, she was hospitalized.

"Oh, good." Farby said. "it's about time all of Darby's Friends died off. MWAAHHAH!"

Sadly for Farby, she didn't see where she was walking, and she accidentally fell over.

"Well, I might as well start on my new song."

Farby wrote Musica for a living. Well, she wrote Musica for one person, but they hated her music. It was time for a comeback.

"My new song will be called Twerk4life."

To be continued..