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la scelta dei fan: No way! They were so good as five! LONG LIVE DBSK and Always Keep The Faith <3
la scelta dei fan: homin
la scelta dei fan: this 1??
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Adriloveyou detto …
Me encanta su voz es muy melodiosa .... es una persona timida pero asi me fasina ... <3 sigue a si Max postato più di un anno fa
Jenjen_bunny detto …
The Amore of my life, sweetie pie cute and considerate, handsome and wonderful honest, Ribelle - The Brave and charming Shim Ahjussi. <3 <3 <3 <3 Saranghaeyo Oppa ^////^ My cute and one and only hubby~ You're the only guy for me :) postato più di un anno fa
hugebleachfan1 commentato…
yeah jenny-chan hes the one for te più di un anno fa
Jenjen_bunny commentato…
....LMAO XD più di un anno fa
Jenjen_bunny commentato…
... How am I going to revive this dead club? TT TT più di un anno fa
Jenjen_bunny detto …
*Drools* te are so handsome~~~~ postato più di un anno fa