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He still had an erection, but it slowly went down. The successivo morning, I woke up and Michael wasn't successivo to me. Then I smelled bacon, pancetta affumicata and headed for the kitchen. "Good morning! Are te feeling any better?" he asked. "Hey, baby. Yeah, I'm feeling ALOT better. I'm hungry." I detto while holding my stomach. Michael handed me a plate of bacon, eggs, grits, and toast.(Southern breakfast) "I didn't know te could cook!" I detto with crostini, pane tostato in my mouth. He laughed,"What? te just thought I was some smart pretty boy?" I punched him lightly on the shoulder and giggled. "Pretty much!" When we were done, he got dressed and headed for school. He kissed me good bye and said,"I'll be home around 4:30. Stay comfortable and relax." "Ok, bye." I watched him leave in the red Toyota. So I just sat around the house and watched TV. Later that afternoon, Michael finally pulled up. "Oh baby, I missed you!" I detto as I hugged him. "Mmm, I missed te alot more." he said. "I've got a surprise for you! Close your eyes." I did as I was told and when he detto to open them, I was surprised.

It was a big, beautiful diamond ring. Michael got down on his knees and said,"Adriana Daniels.. will te marry me?" I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. I was so happy. "Yes, I will marry you, Michael Jackson!" We hugged each other for what seemed like hours. "I want us to be a family. te know, so the baby will have a mom and dad." Michael detto as he rubbed my belly. A week later, it was time to visit the doctor. I sat nervously on the tavolo and Michael held my hand. "Hello Ms. Daniels!" detto the tall skinny old woman. "I'm Dr. Sanders." "Hello Dr. Sanders." I detto as we shook hands. "And this must be your husband." she detto referring to Michael. "Fiancee," Michael detto proudly. Then she ordered me to lie back and relax while examining me. "Ms.Daniels,you are indeed pregnant. About 8 weeks to be exact. Do te want to know the sex of the baby?" Dr. Sanders asked. "No," Me and Michael detto at the same time. "We
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