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Michael Jackson was tired. Well, not tired enough to fall asleep. più of an overworked kind of tired. He had been on tour for four months straight, and on his first giorno off from his business he had to do interviews and press conferences all day. It’s tiring work, if te think about it. He had to repeat answer after answer, listen to rumors and ignorant domande while he tried not to blow his top…it exhausted him.

He sighed heavily as he sat down on the ripped bar stool, putting his head in his hands. A big bald man came up to him, asking if he wanted anything. Michael looked up at him, surprised that no one recognized him through his cheap disguise that he just whipped together: a baseball hat that covered his hair and sunglasses with a long cappotto on. He looked like Sherlock Holmes, he thought.

“Beer. Keep it on tap.” Michael managed to say, trying to not sound like himself. It was actually quite comical listening to himself with a deeper voice and he tried not to laugh. The bartender nodded and went to work to get his drink.

Michael took a look around the musty old bar he had found around the corner from his hotel room in England. He and his brothers were doing some deals and random concerts around the Europa area. He didn’t want to go on this business trip though. It was a waste of his time, in his opinion. He wanted to do more. He didn’t want to be stuck with his brothers for the rest of his life. Sure, he loved them very much… but he wanted to actually be able do something on his own without his father guilt tripping him into doing something with his brothers.

The bar was nearly empty, sparing the few old men who were playing pool in the corner and a few younger men like him who were sitting at the bar. A couple women sat at a tavolo gossiping and giggling, watching the men play their game. Michael caught eye with one. She looked to be about his age, if not a little younger. She had icy blue eyes that stood out from the yellow glow of th
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