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He looked up and quietly thanked him, taking a sip of the amaro drink. Michael was never one to drink excessively; only a drink o two when at social parties o a friend’s house. He has only ever been completely wasted two times in his life, once when he turned eighteen and he had a party at his brother’s house and again at a club a friend of his brought him to. But for some reason, he had feeling that he wanted to let go that night. He wanted to act like a normal twenty-two anno old man who went out and got drunk every once and a while. And what better way to do this then at two in the morning in the middle of nowhere in Europe? There would be no photographers here to take pictures of him drunk and the place was almost completely empty. And besides, who would be up and walking around at two in the morning? He was completely fool proof with this.

He downed his drink quickly and the bartender brought another mug to him, taking the empty one away. Michael thanked him and jumped when he heard the sgabello successivo to him scrape violently against the linoleum flooring of the bar. He quickly turned to see who it was and was surprised to see the blue eyed girl from across the bar sit there.

The girl was più beautiful up close. She had an even nose and thick lips that were painted a dark red, making them even sultrier then Michael imagined they were already. Her eyes stood out against her pale complexion from its dark eye shadow and eye liner and thick eyelashes. Her smile was a blindingly white color with perfectly straight teeth. And her body… that just made Michael turned on more. She was wearing a stomach-bearing off the shoulder camicia that was v-neck and a short skirt, with pesce net stockings and heels. Her body curved in the right ways and her stomach was completely flat. Her legs seemed to be never ending as they crossed over each other in her chair. Michael had to try to keep his eyes away from the pizzo bra that was peaking out of the v-neck superiore, in alto she had on, h
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