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A Amore meeting. Part 3 and 4. (Reloaded!)

He grabbed my hand and ran out of the bar. He grabbed my head and started baciare me. He started baciare my neck, everywhere! I said:"Michael please..not in the middle of the road! Come..lets go to my house."

Part 4
When we arrived Michael said:"I'm hungry about you."
I started to pulling off his buttons one da one..he ripped my camicia off..I was in ecstasy at that moment. He started baciare my neck,I felt those soft lips on my shoulders,I was in heaven. He kissed my chest. But I made my revenge. I ripped his shirt..all of it! My hands were running up and down his chest..and I started licking it. I was feeling like an animal..I was feeling wild! I just couldn't stop! His hands were all over my body.We just couldn't stop....
 Cristina98 posted più di un anno fa
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TEEHEE819 said:
OMG 0_0

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posted più di un anno fa 
paloma97ppb said:
Geeez! •~• lol that's not for kids under than 10!
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posted più di un anno fa 
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