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Michael Talks To Oprah(February 10,1993)-(3)

[Cut to clips of foto of Michael and family as he grew up.]

Oprah: Michael Jackson is the seventh of nine brothers and sisters born in Gary, Indiana to steel mill worker Joseph and mother Katherine. Some say the Jackson's turned to Musica the giorno their Televisione set broke down, but from the giorno they started performing, they were destined for stardom. Beginning at a place called Motown....
[Cut to clips of Michael and his brothers performing.]
Oprah: This videotape of the Jackson's Motown audition shows James Brown's influence on young Michael and the boys' performance brought almost the entire company in to watch. Motown head, Berry Gordy, knew right away. It was the start of a career that broke almost every record in the book, beginning with a string of four number one consecutive hits.
[Cut to clips of the Jackson 5 appearances on Ed Sullivan and other shows.]
Oprah: For the Jackson family, their lives changed almost overnight. They went from obscurity to super stardom, filled with concerto tours, limousines, and Televisione appearances. But, it was little Michael that was getting the most attention. As the number one hits continued to accumulate, Michael became a stella, star in his own right, releasing song after song, each one turning to gold. As the years rolled by, the Jackson's success continued while their Musica changed with the changing times. But, as the boys grew older, who could have guessed what lay in store for Michael Jackson.
[Cut to clip of Michael being interviewed as a child]
Interviewer: So what's going to happen when your voice changes?

Little Michael: It just changes.
Interviewer: Are te going to be able to stay singing?
Little Michael: Yeah.
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