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Michael jackson was not charged of child sex abuse, people say the reason for this was because he 'paid off' the people who were accusing him. Now people still feel they have reason to believe he was guilty. If people truly believed he was guilty and if there was a slight possibility it was true would there not have been something done about it. It is shocking to think te can pay your innocence. Personally I believe he was innocent and I find it irritating people still think he was guilty. So basically what im asking is as the case was dropped so he was innocent but people still have doubts then something should have been done really so does this not also proove he was innocent?

 hollywilson2611 posted più di un anno fa
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foreveraMJJFan said:
People are always going to believe he was guilty because thats how the media portrayed him to be. They detto he paid off the chandler family to keep them quiet when really Michael was forced to and he had no say in it. They would rather believe some stupid lie than actually get off their lazy behinds and dp their research. Not to mention during all the raids at neverland, the police found NOTHING! that proved it. Yes they did find some personal porno magzs in michael's room but so what? He's a guy, and thats pretty much all they found. To some everything up, haters are always going to hate no matter how much te try and shove the truth in their face. They would rather listen to the lying no good media because they believe that the media is always right, but really about 97 percent of the time they are completely wrong.
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posted più di un anno fa 
totally agree with you! they didn't give him credit for anything.. the media just wanted him to be a wako-jacko, a weird man.. they portrayed him like this. I don't know how to name those who believe all that crap.. haters, ignorants, blinds.. they're all of it.
liberiangirl_mj posted più di un anno fa
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