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i was watchin Wendy Williams mostra today, and on hot topics, she was sayin that ppl was wonderin why ghiandaia, jay Z didnt do the We Are The World remake.
And the reason why he didnt do it was because he felt it was like Thriller and he didnt want to do it,
he also detto that artists today should make Musica thats about this generation.
I was so happy when i heard this :) i agree 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000% with him.
i know it was for Haiti <God bless them> but still.
I know artists today they do sample from classics and everything but when it comes to Michael Jackson's classics, i feel that u cant remake his Musica cause Michael Jackson is..... just Michael Jackson, lol i cant explain but u get what i'm sayin :)
well i just thought i'd share that with u guys, bye!
 PrincessGurl posted più di un anno fa
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