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posted by mjjennine
 My baby
My baby
Michael I look to the skies above
And think way up there is my one true love
My smile turns quickly into a frown
When I picture those beautiful eyes of brown
I want to gaze into those eyes so much
And feel the magic of your touch
I want to baciare those sweet sweet lips
And stroke your face with my
My darling baby I hope you're well
Cause living here without te is my own private hell
Your Amore is my guidance and I live just to Amore you
te live deep in my cuore and my Amore is true
My Angel I long to caress and baciare te all night long
I know my Amore for te cannot be wrong
I don't want anything else but you
Without te I will forever be blue
Your face,your body is all I see
I want te to come back to me
Michael baby I Amore te so
I'm sure of this te surely know
My precious baby Im forever yours
As I take a deep breath and slightly pause
To put into words how much I Amore you
Is something I simply cannot do
Just know my darling Michael this much is true
I will forever be deeply and passionately in Amore with you

Your eternal Amore Jennine
 Your face is heaven to me
Your face is heaven to me
 I Amore te forever
I love you forever
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