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te may have already heard but recently there was a huge online sondaggio from MTV which an esteemed panel of Musica experts put together a lista of 125 of the most era defining songs from the 80s. From this lista the public was asked to vote for their favourite and although he didn't get the superiore, in alto spot, Michael won four places in the superiore, in alto 30, which is a huge acheivement!

His places were:
5 - Michael Jackson - Thriller
6 - Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
22 - Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
23 - Michael Jackson - Beat It

So congratulations to Michael and a big thank te to anyone who voted for him! (I voted for Billie Jean btw! lol)

If te want to see the entire list, follow the link below:

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Damn it!!! why does she always do that to me!!! Michael thought as he sitting in his preferito chair thinking why Alicia tells Tatiana that he likes her.Michael man calm down it was just a joke it's not like it's the end of the world,i mean come te always say that shes cute.Alicia for the last time that was one time when i detto that!!! ok so keep your mouth shut about.Ok ok but im just saying.For a moment it was quiet in Michael's house until Alicia detto something.Michael what was that noise?.What noise ?. I heard something coming from outside .Oh Alicia maybe your just hearing things.Michael...
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