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Is Michael Chatting Online ?

hello i would like to tell te something important to me, please do not give out my name, o my personal information. i am only here to share. so pleae listen. i am young yes, and i do not talk to the cyber men in my chatrooms...but this fellow came in one giorno and i grew to Amore his heart..he has a cuore so close to michaels it is hard to tell a difference. he claims he isnt but i believe he is, he wont mostra himself on cam, o speak on mic, he only tells us he is 77....lol he is a very well, kind, and sweet individual. and i Amore him dearly. he goes da the name...
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posted by pmjlover1997
Presley 'didn't turn her back' on Jackson:
Michael Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley has fought back rumours that she ignored an SOS message from the 'Thriller' singer before his death.
Elvis's daughter was reported to be wracked with guilt over her dismissal of a voicemail from Jackson 2 years fa in which he detto he was losing control of his life.
A fonte apparently told us Weekly: [Jackson] detto he needed [presley's] help because his life was spinning out of control and begged her to call him But she never did. She kept saying ''I should've done something'' and blames herself.
Presley's spokesperson dismissed the reports as rubbish saying: ''I don't believe this is true''
It's another Michael Jackson mega-tease -- 10 brand new snippets from every song on the upcoming album have gone public ... just days before the album is set for release.

30 secondi from each song appeared on the Internet this weekend -- which adds up to a pretty badass five-minute anteprima of the new album titled, "MICHAEL."

The full album is scheduled to be released successivo week.

te can visit the link to hear them....!!!! link
posted by mj_yana_girl
Background Info
(AKA Nightline), this song was written da Glen Ballard, Brie Howard, David Allen Faragher (1982) for Michael's Thriller album, but failed to make the final track listing.

"When I found out it wasn't going to be on there, I just said, I'll be on the successivo one," detto Ballard in 1999. "And the truth is, I got on the successivo two, which cumulatively sold over 50 million. It turned out to be good karma. I feel that if Nite-Line had been on Thriller, I would never have written Man In The Mirror, which is an infinitely better song, and one of the best in my catalogue."

It was recorded as Nightline...
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Michael Jackson
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For other persons named Michael Jackson, see Michael Jackson (disambiguation).
Michael Jackson

At the White House in 1990
Background information
Birth name Michael Joseph Jackson
Born August 29, 1958(1958-08-29)
Gary, Indiana, United States
Died June 25, 2009 (aged 50)
Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States
Genre(s) Pop, R&B, rock, soul
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, record producer, musical arranger, dancer, choreographer, actor, author, businessman, financier, philanthropist, inventor
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posted by foreveraMJJFan
Okay what is the deal with everyone hating paris because they claim she is out of control? How in the heck does her having spiked hair and wearing makeup make her out of control??? Seriously? Paris is a teenager from crying out loud, of course she aint going to be the small shy paris anymore shes growing up. Michael raised her well, and paris would never go out of control because she knows better. Not to mention, michael's mother would probably not allow paris to be out of control because she knows what michael wants of her. Michael would not want us hating his daughter, i find it silly and...
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After taking his hand off the tree, michael turned around and began to head back to his home. But as he walked towards his home something made him become side tracked. Michael walked right down the long driveway, off to the side covered with trees and brush was a small group of tombstones. The tombstones were so old that michael could not read what any of them said. As he knelt down to try and see if he could read anything on the last tombstone, he noticed the tombstone was blank. At first michael scratched his head confused until he saw on the tombstone to the left of the blank one detto "Jack"...
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I sat in my dressing room waiting for my bodyguard to come get me. I looked myself up and down in the mirror making sure everything was perfect. I was wearing leather pants, jacket, and a black superiore, in alto that showed my stomach. I smiled at myself I was going for hard edge and I think nailed it. There was nock at the door bringing me back from my thoughts. I did another quick look over and then went to the door. I opened it and it was my body guard Joe. “Hey Joe! Is it time?” I asked. “Yep it’s time te ready?” he replied. “Yep I’m ready.” I said. “Alright lets go.” He detto leading...
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posted by foreveraMJJFan
"Sorry I took so long, Frank needed to talk to me about something." Michael replied as he walked back out of the theatre. "Oh its no problem." Lacey detto as her and michael began walking towards his limo. "So um...where are we going for lunch?" Lacey asked. "Nowhere too special o fancy." Michael answered as they both got into the limo. For the first couple of minuti of the ride they were both silent. Lacey was nervous that michael, a man who she had admired for years asked her, a shy girl who no one knew existed. "So what brings te to Las Angeles?" Michael asked breaking the silence. "Um....i...
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posted by cherl12345
Maris stood before Michael soaking wet while Michael was drying her off, and she wrapped the towel around her head. Oblivious to the fact he was stark naked and soaking wet himself, Michael continued to dry help Maris dry herself off, and she proceeded to do the same thing to him. After she was fully dried off, Maris wrapped the other towel around herself; in addition, to helping Michael get himself fully dried off as well. While she was drying him off, Maris had the he urge to once more, but she decided to wait once they go to Paris within two weeks, so she dried him off thoroughly before...
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posted by foreveraMJJFan
After Lacey's audition, she headed back to the dressing room and awaited the results. As she waited she decided to listen to her ipod while she was awaiting to see how she did. Out of the 20 women that auditioned only 10 would get a call back as she wait Lacey hoped she got a call back. While listening to Musica she watched as the other 19 girls went and did their auditions.

About 10 minuti after the last girl auditioned, michael's manger Frank called us out onto the stage and told us to form a long line in front of the stage. He then gave an assitant a clipborad and two small stacks of colored...
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posted by mjpeterpan7
Rumors are that Jermaine and Janet have teamed up to prove that Michael’s will is invalid. They reportedly assert that the fact that they don’t get any money – has nothing to do with their fight.

“We just want Michael’s wishes to be granted in full. He would want his siblings to have a good portion of his estate. We were always a close-knit family. It’s what he wanted.”

“No way, they don’t get anything,” detto an attorney for Michael’s kids. ”The kids get 40% of Michael’s money, 20% goes to charity and 40% goes to Katherine – until she passes, then that money goes to...
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 leana detention slip
leana detention slip
I WAS A LITTLE FREAKED OUT WHEN THIS 17 BOY THAT I HARLDY KNEW FOR 5MINS MADEOUT WITH ME 'you a good kisser leana i guess your boyfriend was lucky' i just sat there in complete silence i dint want to talk to him when i got to school i went to the front office to get my new schuedule for my classes i had skip a grade so im in the 11 grade when i went into my new class i was stared at i went to go take my sede, sedile byside this boy 'hey sexy missed me' i turn to see michael sitting beside me 'are te stalking me' ' i think your follow me sexy' ' no im in this grade' ' oh me too' ' arnt te suppose...
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 michael outside Leggere
michael outside reading
About 2 weeks have now gone by. Nicole and Michael are now know one another better. They are both staying in a small cottage house off the coast of South Caorlina. This is a place which is owned da Michael's father who had passed it down to him when he died, it's a place where michael feels they will be sicuro, cassetta di sicurezza since Mitch does not know where it is.

It was early in the morning when Nicole awoke to the sound of the calming winds and the waves gently hitting the shore. Nicole slowly began to make her way to the kitchen. As she did she passed michael's room to see he wasnt there. Nicole then made...
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Im tired of all the drama about this and about that. This is mj spot. This club is for the ones who Amore mj and care for him. We dont have time for drama and other stuff. We here for mj support and love. What i hear? people saying bad things about mj and laughing at someone story and comment. This is not funny. this is serious.When someone is speaking from their cuore about mj. please dont laugh because one giorno te will feel the same way from the ones te love. Everytime i get on here. It's always drama about michael jackson. come on people...Michael dont deserve this at all. He deserve love...
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"Who was that?",Michael alarmed asked Dave."I don't know!But we bettrer go inside and find out what just happened!",Dave said.They went into the house and there they found Alexandra and Madeline's grandmother."What are te doing here?Where is Madeline?",Alexandra alarmed asked."We came because we saw someone taking her to a car and pushing her in,then leaving in hurry.I think she didn't wanted to go with that man who wa wearing a black costume.",Michael said."You mean my grandaughter was kidnapped?",Madeline's grandmother asked scared."Yes",Dave sadly said."Then let's call the police!",Madeline's...
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"My cuore … my mind are broken. I loved Michael with all my soul and I can't imagine life without him. We had so much in common and we had such loving fun together. I was packing up my clothes to go to Londra for his opening when I heard the news. I still can't believe it. I don't want to believe it. It can't be so. I don't think anyone knew how much we loved each other. The purest, most giving Amore I've ever known. Oh God! I'm going to miss him. I can't yet imagine life with out him. I guess with God’s help ... I'll learn."-Liz Taylor

"May God cover you, Michael. We all lift your name up...
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He got flat baby
Kick in the back baby
A cuore attack baby
I need your body

A hot baciare honey
He's just a cagna baby
You make me sick baby
So unrelying

I'm such a swine baby
All down the line daddy
I hate your kind baby
So unreliable

A hot buzz baby
He's one of us baby
Another drug baby
You so desire

Trust in me
Trust in me
Put all your trust in me
You're doin' morphine


They got place baby
Kicked in the face baby
You hate your race baby
You're just a liar

Your every lick baby
Your dog's a cagna baby
You make me sick baby
You soul survivor

She never cut from me
She never cut baby
I had to work baby
You just a rival

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 Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson

They Say That He Was a Boy Who Became a Man, And That As a Man He Became a Boy. The King Of Pop Now Lays To Rest, And All We Have Are Memories Of Good Music, video And His Legacy. Michael Jackson, Who Died Two Months Shy Of His 51st Birthday, Will Never Grow Old. But Then, He Never Wanted To Grow Old. One Of His preferito Animated Stories Was That Of Walt Disney's Peter Pan, The Boy Who Never Grew Up. Michael Had Spent Over 45 Years Entertaining The Public, First As a Member Of The Jackson Five, And Later As The Most Famous Entertainer In The World. Beloved da fan From...
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[ 5 7 5 syllable thing]

His Musica like Love,
Never shall we ever Part,
Forever in my Heart,

[ 3 5 3 syllable ]


[ 7 5 7 syllable ]

His voice so much like a drug,
Something special to love,
Sexy,Smooth and easy to love

[ 3 7 6 syllable ]

So unique,
If only there where più like him,
As different as he is,

[ 7 8 7 syllable]

How i miss Michael Jackson,
Tears brought to my eyes as he died,
But his legend lives on

[ 2 3 2 ]
But unique,
My idol <3