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Amazing pre-order offer for The Official Michael Jackson Opus is extended!

Luxury publishing company Kraken Opus is delighted to announce an extension to the amazing pre-order offer on The Official Michael Jackson Opus. The publisher was already in talks with the pop megastar when he was cruelly taken from us and one of his wishes was to make the Opus available to as many of his millions of fan as possible. Bearing this in mind the Opus was launched at a hugely discounted pre-order price of £109/$165.

The level of demand for The Official Michael Jackson Opus has surpassed...
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Never can say goodbye
No, no, no, no, I never can say goodbye

Even though the pain and heartache
Seem to follow me wherever I go
Though I tried, tried to hide my feelings
They always seem to mostra
Then te try to say you're leaving me
And I always have to say no
Tell me why is it so
That I never can say goodbye
No, no, no, no, no, I never can say goodbye

Every time I think I've had enough
And start heading for the door
There's a very strange vibration
That piercing me right to the core
It says turn around te fool
You know te Amore her più and più
Tell me why is it so
Don't wanna let te go...
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40. Cry
39. One più chance
38. Man in the mirror
37. Liberian Girl
36. Another part of me
35. Jam
34. Who is it?
33. Ben
32. Will te be there?
31. In the closet
30. Thriller
29. Ghosts
28. Dirty Diana
27. Why?
26. Stranger in Moscow
25. Blood on the dancefloor
24. Give on to me
23. Rock with you
22. Scream
21. te rock my world
20. Smooth Criminal
19. ABC
18. They don't care about us
17. Can te fell it?
16. Remember the time?
15. Bad
14. Leave me alone
13. The way te make me feel
12. Blame it on the boggie
11. She's out of my life
10. Beat it
9. mostra te to way to go
8. Say, say, say
7. Don't stop till get enough
6. I want te back
5. Heal the world
4. Black o white
3. te are not alone
2. Billie Jean
1. Earth song
 The King of Pop
The King of Pop
As te all may know, Michael Jackson past yesterday afternoon. And most of us have mourned a lot over it. However, I have been hearing a few people saying very rude, cruel, and hurtful things about him. They're saying things like he was a molester, he was gay, he was this, he was that. And I'm thinking to myself, "Do te not know he's dead?! Why are te saying these things?" Yes! Some of that is true! But the man is dead!!! Come on now, don't be that cold hearted!!!Then they say, he's dead, get over it, he wasn't that great, and this and that. And I personally think that all of te who have...
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posted by Fashionista101
Diane Dimond is a nasty bitch, the devil's baby and Cruella de Vil of any Michael Jackson hater.
She thinks she's a journalist, but she's not. She is a witch. A witch. She's just a grotesque magical creature: ugly on the inside as she is on the outside, pathetic, an absolute loser. She attacks and talks s*** about an innocent man and she thinks it's okay, because she's gonna get what she wants, but when it doesn't go her way...she tries to bring it all. Well, it doesn't work that way, Diane De Vil. She will never get anything da destroying Michael, especially from his grave. She must be the...
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The executors of Michael Jackson’s estate have barred a number of the late singer’s siblings, including Janet Jackson, from the California home where their mother, Katherine, is raising the late singers three children.

The details of who is and isn’t allowed onto the Calabas, California is detailed in an email obtained da CNN’s Roland S. Martin.

Howard Weitzman, who represents John McClain and John Branca, sent the email Wednesday to Charles Schultz, an attorney for Mrs. Jackson.

Weitzman writes that after the drama over the last two weeks, which including allegations that Katherine Jackson...
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"What!?So John knows where we live!" Diane protested. "Yes...but no need to worry the deputies detto they would make sure they have some other Deputies on the property to keep watch." Michael detto trying to calm Diane down. "No need to worry!, are te freaking blind!!!!!he has a gun!!!!!he could just shoot the policemen and get through the gate, espeacially if hes been spying, he might already even know the password." Diane began to flip out. "Diane will te please calm down!" Michael exclaimed. " How can i when theres a man stalking me and he wants to kill you!: Diane exclaimed. "Diane listen...
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Becca didn't realize that one mese went da and she still hasn't told her parents yet about hers and Michael's engagement. Becca was packing her stuff in her room and looked at her ring. She was moving in with Michael at his house, so she was excited. Katherine knocked and came in. "Hey Becca, my almost daughter-in-law." She said. Becca giggled. "Hey Katherine. o should I say...mom?" She detto giggling. Katherine chuckled a bit and looked at her stuff. "Do te need any help?" She asked. "I think I have everything, but can te please check the closet to see if I left anything in there?" "Sure."...
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[1st Verse]
I'm Gonna Tell Your Boyfriend (Yeah)
Tell Him (Woo Hoo)
Exactly What We're Doin' (Yeah)
Tell Him What te Do To Me
Late At Night When The Wind Is Free

[2nd Verse]
I'm Gonna mostra Your Boyfriend (Yeah)
mostra Him (Woo Hoo)
The Letters I've Been Savin' (Yeah)
mostra Him How te Feel Inside
An' How Amore Could Not
Be Denied (Oh No)

We're Gonna Have To Tell Him
[ Find più Lyrics on link ]
You'll Only Be A Girlfriend Of Mine
Do-Doot-Do, [Etc.]

We're Gonna Have To Tell Him
You'll Only Be A Girlfriend Of Mine

[3rd Verse]
Girlfriend te Better Tell
Your Boyfriend (Yeah)
Tell Him (Woo Hoo)
Exactly What We're Doin' (Yeah)
Tell Him What He Needs To Know
o He May Never Let te Go

We're Gonna Have To Tell Him
You'll Only Be A Girlfriend Of Mine
Do-Doot-Do, [Etc.]

We're Gonna Have To Tell Him
You'll Only Be A Girlfriend Of Mine
Do-Doot-Do, [Etc.]

posted by MissJackson77
Chapter 2:

Me and Michael ran back to Neverland. We always enjoyed playing SuperSoakers, we would play for hours on end. We got to the Neverland gates and Michael stopped at them and held onto the railings to catch his breath.
"I can't wait for this!" I smiled. I also stopped running and stood successivo to Michael.
"Neither can I!" Michael giggled, before letting go of the railing and smiling at me to give me the indication we could carry on running. We got to the house and rushed to Michael's room to grab the SuperSoakers. Michael grabbed his first and made a run for the sink to fill his gun up....
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posted by MJisLove4life
 Cover Page To This Story(Ill Fix It Later)
Cover Page To This Story(Ill Fix It Later)
Chapter 1.

†Trigger Worning To Those Who Self Harm†

Nicole was born on March 3rd 1965 Nicole's childhood was great. Her mom and dad loved her very much. They went to Disney Land and a bunch of other places. But the fun and games came to a sad end one night.

Nicole has gone through a lot. In a short amount of time. Her parents died when she was seven due to a fatal accident on their anniversary. They were going to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. And since her grandparents didn't want to take care of her she lives in a foster home where everyone treats her as if she isn't there. The kids...
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 A Collage of Fancy and Michael now
A Collage of Fancy and Michael now
4 years later...

Summer 1972

Fancy's P.O.V

My life has changed completely since Michael's left. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia with my rich Auntie Colette with my sister and we both pursued a career in modeling as a duo. My mother filed for divorce and my father moved to the Bahamas. Since then, my mother is too busy going on business trips. Michael's wrote me a few times, but not recently. When I wrote him a letter last month, I never got a response.

Auntie Colette has us modeling for the Calvin Klein clothing company that was established in 1968. The foto shoots were successful and earned us...
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posted by KikiKool1983
Michael lets me in and grabs my suitcase. " I'm so glad te could make it."
Seeing all the pictures made me remember how lucky I was to be his best friend.
Mrs. Jackson and LaToya come in. " Fancy! We didn't know te were here!"
I smiled. " Hello Mrs. Jackson, LaToya." LaToya smiles and gives me a big hug like her little brother. " I haven't seen te in so long, this little dude's been talking about te all the time!" She detto pointing to Michael, who's cheeks were red with embarrassment.

Mrs. Jackson smirked at LaToya. " Now, now. Stop teasing your brother." She said. She turned to me and...
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posted by KikiKool1983
When I woke up at the hospital, the nurse was flirting with Michael.

" ciao Babe." The nurse said, smacking on her gum loudly.

" Um, Hi." Michael said, clearly not interested in her.

" te know, te look much più handsome in person then te do in the Thriller video." she detto getting closer to him.

" Huh, Thanks. Do te want an autograph o something?" Michael asked, getting annoyed with her.

" I can start with your number." She detto seductively.

Michael looked over at my bedside and noticed I was awake. He smiled in delight. " Fancy!" He ran over towards the bed. " Hi Mich... I was interrupted da him baciare me on the lips. He slowly stopped and bit his lip. " I'm, I'm sorry" he apologized. I ran my fingers through my hair. " No, it's okay, really!" I detto with a smile.
 Fancy in her hospital toga, abito
Fancy in her hospital gown
posted by mj231
 it's all for Amore
it's all for love
I was watching this video on Youtube called 'Michael Jackson.''Don't Call ME WACKO JACKO'' ' and when I saw it,I felt tears fall off my face because I was suprised that Michael gave so much knowledge and information on Amore and the reality on how Amore is supposed to be for children and human beings of this world and not to reflect hate on another. After that I detto ''God made him for a reason and he did it.'' and I realized that the Illuminati killed him for a reason: because he was giving a message and tried to tell everyone that we need to know about Amore and stop seeking hatred in one another...
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From the Estate Of Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson’s Wembley concerto is the No. 1 selling DVD in the world. Spike Lee’s Bad 25 documentary is drawing rave reviews from film critics and will air on ABC Thanksgiving night. Entertainment Weekly gave Bad 25 album an “A” calling it “a potent reminder of just how much Bad's pulsing pop holds up.” Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson the Immortal World
Tour” was Pollstar’s superiore, in alto selling North American concerto tour in the first six months of 2012, debuts this mese in Europa and recently received Billboard’s Creative Content Award....
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posted by Miabear1998
People in my family think I'm crazy for loving MJ. They say he's ugly and 'funny' looking. Throught the years of his life, his apperance change, but I still Amore him no matter what they say. It's probably because he's older than me. Me being a young,13 yr. old girl, in Amore with a 50 yr. old deceased man, 37 yrs. apart from us, but to me It's noting but a number. It's just me falling in Amore for the first time in my life and I like it. I think he's the sexiest man that ever walked this earth.THEY JUST NEED TO SHUT THE F.U.C.K. UP and leave him ALONE and get over the fact that I Amore MICHAEL!!!! NOT Justin Bieber, Chris Brown o Drake, o any other people THEY like! There boys, Michael is a man, a sexy, talented man. Why can't they understand It's Michael who makes me feel alive inside and happy. If they don't like it, THEY CAN BEAT IT!!!! LEAVE ME AND MICHAEL ALONE!!!!!!!!
I woke up, still laying with Michael. He was sound asleep. I think he got hot within the night because his curls that were always in front of his forehead were sticking and sweat was running down his face. I looked over at his alarm clock that sat on his nightstand. 8:30. Me and Michael didn't have to wake up for another half hour. Michael and I have to go for rehearsal today for the 'Victory Tour' with his brothers. I looked back at Michael to see he was still fast asleep. I grabbed a tissue and lightly dabbed his forehead and sides of his face. As I wiped the sweat away from him, I started...
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posted by mjfanforever22
michael did trust many people that were in his inner cerchio and yet it was still hard to trust them even thought they were in his inner cerchio most of them turned there backs on him when michael did the film mrs.castaway in 2005 when behind the scenes of the movie te can tell that michael was jittery and nervous at the same time te can also tell that it looked like michael didnt have a friend in the world if te looked into his eyes te could see sadness and fear michael has admited many times that he felt that he was the loneliest person in the world even though michael had children he didnt...
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posted by MJISALIVE
*that night* The doorbell rings "I got it!" I say, I open up the door and there stands my 3 Friends Emily, Anthony, and Nikki. "Hey!" i say "Hey Birthday Girl!" they say back. I set their gifts on the tavolo for when its present time. "I cant believe your 15 already!" says Nikki "Ditto!" says Emily "Yep!" says Anthony "I know..i cant believe it either" I say.."Yeah well, believe it!" laughs my dad....then mother comes into the cucina talking to dad "Should we tell her today or....?" "Its best if we tell her today..." he says. The doorbell rings again "Got it!" i say I open the door greeted...
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