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la scelta dei fan: Yes its amazing i Amore it !!
Yes its amazing i Amore it !!
Its good i like it
la scelta dei fan: Michelle Pfeiffer
la scelta dei fan: Batman Returns
la scelta dei fan: Yes
la scelta dei fan: Batman
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Squall1982 detto …
what ... only 2762 fan ?!
she need più fan postato più di un anno fa
Alicattery detto …
I have always admired te and think te are a very elegant, naturally beautiful woman with a down to earth character and I don't feel fame has changed your character I may be wrong but just sense that all the best to you........... postato più di un anno fa
Alicattery detto …
Hi Michelle want to ask te something I have had over 28 Americans say I resemble te I did laugh at it ok but just wanted to see what te think to it. I also flew into California in my 30s and I did get some odd stares also when I went through immigration I got asked was I in films. I don't think I resemble te at all but was curious really I cannot post picture here but picture is on my addy/nick. Your great da the way Ali in UK postato più di un anno fa