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Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez Domanda

who has the best voice among 'em?

 jeroxy posted più di un anno fa
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Miley Cyrus vs. Selena Gomez Risposte

horseluver1616 said:
♥♫Miley!♫♥, Selena Gomez was hired to ACT, NOT sing but what happened to her is her mostra became Very popolare and Disney got and idea:
let's make her sing!
she's just like all the new Disney kids Like:
Bridget Meddler
Zendaya Colemen
Bella Thorn
Selena Gomez
(to name a few)
Now REALLY think about there T.V. shows they Don't require Singing. Now I'm NOT Trying to be mean but it's the TRUTH.
Now Look at these mostra and think DO they require singing?
1. Good Luck Charlie
2. A.N.T. Farm
3. Shake it up
4. Hannah Montana/Hannah Montana Forever
5. Wizards Of Waverly place
te tell me (in commenti ^_^).

So Do te think that they would REALLY say "oh for no apparent reason let's try to get a person who can act and sing"?

Here is Miley Canto Without Autotune
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posted più di un anno fa 
cloerabia14 said:
ofcourse Selena Gomez
she is the best singer for me
my no1 singer
she has the best voice in all
she is my inspiration
song"who says" is the best
she is my courage
my favourite celebrity,actor,singer
her every consigli has dato my life the sense to live
she is awesome
i Amore her 4 ever
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posted più di un anno fa 
mileyfan234 said:
I think miley. Im not hating on selena but i personally think miley sins better.
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posted più di un anno fa 
miley surly!!!!
yasmiler posted più di un anno fa
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