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rayraynicki posted on Oct 26, 2012 at 05:13PM
I’m startin a new project called mindless dreams that basically if you want 2 share your dreams u have of mb you can message or email me them to me at rayraynicki@yahoo.com

Information I need from you:
I need ur name/anon
date of dream
what u ate/drank before going to sleep
what did u do before sleeping (watch tv, read a book, etc.)
time before going to sleep (approx. morn, noon, nite, 12:30 am, etc)
the fantasy you wanted to dream about before drifting off (be brief)
the ACTUAL dream you had (long or short be brief)
They can be short or long as much as you remember of the dreamAnd they must be REAL from the dream had last night or from a nap you took

which would be displayed on link

(this is just a fictional dream i just made up you can follow this same criteria)

10/18/12 (dream) 10:45 pm (I went to sleep)


I ate pepperoni pizza, french fries and pepsi for dinner

I watched the bernie mac show

I wanted to dream about me and the boyz going to grab a bite to eat at Larry's House of Subs and that we had a great time.

I ACTUALLY dreampt of a BIG pizza monster chasing me becuz I ate one of his french frie soldiers andd they tried to drown me in an ocean of pepsi soda....princeton said it was punishment for eating one of the french fry soldiers. The big pizza monster had bernie mac's voice and he was mean and funny at the same time it was confusing. Prodigy laughed at me, ray ray was drinking some of the pepsi water (i guess to help me out but he would have to drink a whole lot in order to save me) and roc was helping me out by diverting the attention from the french fries so that i can escape the pepsi ocean.
 I’m startin a new project called mindless dreams that basically if te want 2 share your dreams u h

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