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MoonNimbus15612 detto …
Oh, man! te should see one of my worlds. I build a giant: cupcake, girl, Creeper, Pacman being chased, bed, house (one block thin), chess set, tavolo and chairs, tavolo and chairs with umbrella, and heaps more!!!!! postato più di un anno fa
wantadog commentato…
Cool! più di un anno fa
MoonNimbus15612 commentato…
Yup yup. Dont mean to brag.........but yup. :) più di un anno fa
wantadog commentato…
XD I haven't been on here in while. I'm so proud at the amount of times these have been viewed. *Tears up* più di un anno fa
wantadog detto …
I found time, so expect più pixel art. postato più di un anno fa
wantadog detto …
Technical problems preventing me from posting. Will try to fix. postato più di un anno fa