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I'll deal with te later
Miyako's P.O.V
"THANK GOD school is over" i heard my friend kaoru claim vaugley
As usual she wore a wrinkly and old torn green camicia with a forest green sweater vest along with green and white cleats.
"okay kaoru time to go shopping" I heard a cheerful voice sang dillegentally
"oh come on Momoko do we have to" Kaoru detto complaining
Momoko wore a rosa and red short sleeve camicia with a glittery white cuore and a light blue mini gonna with converse, a frown adorned her face

I wore a baby blue belly tank witha white manica lunga giacca and white Capri's along with blue flip-flops and black sunglasses my platinum blonde hair reached my hips in flowing pigtails.
"wow miyako i noticed something ur dresses the most well attractive and showoff-ish out off us and himikos gonna get run off the buisness soon" kaoru detto jokingly
"uhg" i sighed "You don't know what I'm going through" i detto flatly
"sure is it that thing that happens every..." momoko got cut of da me
"no" i detto angrely "it isn't"
I then abandoned my Friends and set of on my own they really don't know what it feels like and they never will......they don't have....... I sighed and continued to walk along the streets of Tokyo, I got glares from other usual. Normally I was fine when ever this happened but da now a tear trailed down my face "Uh oh" I whispered ,after that i fleed to the nearest allyway tears carresing my face "THEY DEFFINITALLY DONT KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE THEY NEVER WILL AND I JUST HAVE TO ACCEPT IT BUT WHY NOW WHY DIDN'T......."
Me:ooooh cliffie
Kaoru:you know te have one jacked up mind leaving people who read this on a cliff hanger -.-
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Kaoru:I AM NOGT A MAN (chases me around the room)
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